How to use Technology to Manage Your Life

Client Communications

Day to day chores of your life are bound to make you feel overwhelmed sometimes, especially when you are not managing them very well. Also, managing them can become a tedious job, even for the people who are highly organized. So, let’s have a look at how being a little bit tech-savvy can have a dramatic impact on how you manage the most important areas of your life.

1.    Personal finances

Personal finances

Still doing finances the old way? You definitely got to switch to an app for this. The first step towards effective management is to track your expenses properly. Many free and paid apps can help you track your expenses.

They can show you the category wise spending so you can plan your monthly expenses accordingly. You can easily see the areas where you are spending the most, and then decide where to save. Not only this, but you can also use these apps for managing your assets in the long run. So go digital, and say bye to pen and paper.

2. Time


This has got to be one of the hardest things to manage. And though it may seem like you need superhuman skills to do it, I can assure you that’s not true.

You just need a calendar app. That’s it!

Start scheduling reminders for things you don’t want to forget like – birthdays, events, meetings, medicines, etc. This would leave a lot of space in your head for the more important tasks. And, your brain is going to love you for this.

Also, the management of social media time is very important these days due to the growing addictivity of people towards them. The good news is, the latest versions of both Android and iOS now have in-built tools that help you track how much time you spend on your phone. Screen Time on iOS and Digital Wellbeing on Android help you effectively track and manage the time spent on the phone down to individual app.

3. Client Communications

Client Communications

Tired of questions by clients that never seem to end? I feel you! The answer to effectively managing the conversations with them lies in standardizing the processes.

This starts with figuring out what are their most common queries and creating FAQ pages on your website for them. This way, they would be able to get the answers in one place, and you won’t have to answer the same things to everyone. Additionally, you can incorporate a system for sending automatic notifications whenever there is some new progress in the project. Hence, they won’t have to contact you to check the status of work every now and then and you would have to communicate less often which would lead to better productivity. It would increase their confidence in your process. Once this is set up, you can also add forums and feedback to your website.

4. Health


Today the best innovations in technology are happening in health-related areas. You can now buy smartwatches, that can do your ECG, isn’t that crazy. That’s along with the benefits that are now have become normal like tracking how much you walked in a day, tracking calories burnt and even tracking your sleep. In my humble opinion, the best part is still to be noted, all of this data helps you manage your life and lifestyle better.  You don’t even have to necessarily invest in high-end smartwatches, most of these tasks are now being done through smart bands which are quite inexpensive. What is 1-2 thousand compared to being healthy, right?

5. Additional tasks

Additional tasks

You would be amazed to realize how fast digital services have grown in the recent past. Gone are the days when you needed to stand in long lines to pay the electricity and telephone bills.

These days, along with paying every type of bill online, you can also avail of the government services online. Some of them are –

  • Applying for a Driver’s Licence
  • Booking appointment with the Passport office for various services
  • Checking the status of your Ration Card

Additionally, complete banking services from almost every major bank are also available online. These days, some banks are coming up which don’t even have a physical branch.

This can free up a lot of your time and resources.

6. Finding Locations

Finding Locations

Every now and then, we have to visit new places. They can range from an invitation to a cafe in your city, to a resort in another city while traveling. In such cases, finding the place becomes a hectic task, especially when you don’t even know the locality.

Here comes Google Maps to your rescue. You can easily find places on Google Maps and navigate your way to the desired location in no time. This can save you the frustration of getting lost, wasting your time and then finally finding out that you are not even close to the desired location.

And that’s not all, the list of everyday tasks that are made easy by the use of technology is really long. But, you get the idea, right?

So, whether technology is a boon or bane is a debate for some other day. But for now, you know that slight adoption of technology can surely do wonders for your life.

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