Watch Mira Sorvino’s 1996 Oscar Speech That Introduced Her Father Paul To Tears

Watch Mira Sorvino’s 1996 Oscar Speech That Introduced Her Father Paul To Tears

Paul Sorvino’s daughter, Mira, paid tribute to her late father with a touching put up on Twitter, and emotional followers are revisiting her Oscar speech from 1996, which left her father in tears.

Dee Dee Benkie is his partner and he has three children, Amanda, Michael, and Mira. According to reports, he took his last breath at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville.

Paul’s fun-loving relationship with Paulie Cicero was what made him the most interesting character in Martin Scorsese’s GoodFellas.

Check out Mira Sorvino’s Oscar Speech

Mira won the Oscar for The Actress In a Supporting Role at the 68th Academy Awards 1996 for her attribute in Mighty Aphrodite.

She started her speech by thanking Woody Allen earlier than she mentioned Jean Fox, her supervisor, and her family.

But it was her speech to her father that touched everyone, as well as the actor.

She stated that she was honoring Paul Sorvino, her father, by giving me this award. He taught me everything I know about performing. I like you very a lot, dad.

“I was always captivated by great performances as a child and was moved by the way other people’s hearts made my feel. I wanted to be an actor that could inspire people, move them and bring out the best in people. You’ve helped me realize that this is something I can do.

Paul Sorvino’s 1996 Video resurfaces

Fans found Mira’s older video and decided to revisit the father-daughter relationship second after the veteran actor passed away.

This clip shows Mira breaking down in tears as she thanks Paul for helping her achieve her goals.

You’ll be able to see Paul crying out of joy and happiness as the digital digicam pans towards him. He is savoring his daughter’s success.

Paul’s daughter, Paula, announced his death on Twitter this second. She wrote “My father, the nice Paul Sorvino, has passed.

“My coronary heart is leased asunder- a life of love, pleasure and knowledge is over. He was the best father. He is a great father. As you ascend, I’m sending you the things you are interested in within the stars Dad.

Tributes pour in for icon

Paul’s death has left an indelible mark on Hollywood. Many have paid tribute to him via Twitter, paying respect for his contributions.

Jason Alexander Tweet: “The incredible Paul Sorvino is gone. He was a legend in every aspect of film and television, from Baker’s Wife on Bway through Shakespeare in the Park to all the amazing roles in films/tv. We wish him well to his family and friends.

“Aside from his acting, we should salute Paul Sorvino” Tweet Nick de Semlyan.

Peter Guy observed that “Legendary actor Paul Sorvino is dead at 83.” He was Paul Cicero, the Goodfellas actor who taught generations how to cut garlic like a Boss. Rest in peace.

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