Tom Selleck Isn’t Lifeless In 2022 As Hoax Leaves Followers Involved

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The net has witnessed plenty of obnoxious rumors not too long ago, much like the most recent one which claims renowned actor Tom Selleck is now lifeless.

Many tweets widely circulated on Twitter claim that Hollywood’s star has passed away. Some followers even began to consider it.

Many celebrities, like Tom, have fallen for such baseless rumors.

Here’s where Tom’s hoax about his lack of life comes from.

Tom Selleck isn’t dead.

The hoax was perpetrated by a YouTube channel that is well-known for spreading false rumors regarding celeb deaths.

A video entitled “10 Minutes Ago/ R.I.P. Tom Selleck / He was diagnosed with a deadly incurable disease. Goodbye Tom Selleck” was shared by the channel’s 22,800 subscribers.

The declaration does not have proof. It also misspells the last name of the actor.

This description only details his career. It does not include his life. Many criticize the channel for creating sick rumors about celebrities for the sake of consideration.

Another channel claims that Chuck Norris died while we chat – this is just as absurd as the claim about Tom’s death.

Actor alive in 2022

We are able to confirm that Tom is still alive and well in 2022.

He remains in the meantime solid on the CBS current Blue Bloods as Frank Reagan (NYPD Police Commissioner).

The hit series’ 13th season will be available for viewing in October 2022.

Although Tom is not very active on social media, he does occasionally appear on converse reveals and digital interviews.

He was interviewed by Rachel Ray on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Followers are involved in a ridiculous rumor

You can call it clickbait or sick, but many unverified stories claiming fake deaths of celebrities have taken control of social media and left followers confused.

Other popular names that have been similarly harmed include Shane Dawson and Shane Holland.

It’s obvious that Tom’s claim is false, but many people believed it and became involved. Others quickly disproved the hoax.

One fan commenting under the video said: “I just cried …… Is that true? It’s hard to believe they would say that …… Please tell me if this is true.

“Don’t believe it. Tom Selleck is still very much alive. L I E S!!! !” wrote one different fan.

Another fan wrote: Fake Fake Fake all Lies Tom is Not Dead”

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