Thea Booysen And Mr Beast Reignite Dating Rumours After Las Vegas Trip

Thea Booysen And Mr Beast Reignite Dating Rumours After Las Vegas Trip

YouTuber Mr. Beast and Twitch streamer Thea Booysen have been rumored to be courting for a while now. Their latest Las Vegas journey has fueled these speculations rather more.

The courtship lives of celebrities are fascinating to fans, and Mr. Beast’s following is no exception. The YouTube star’s fans are constantly trying to figure out who it is. Many people feel that it’s Thea.

Meet Thea Booysen

Rumors have it that Mr Beast’s girlfriend Thea is a social media creator like him.

The 24-year-old runs TheaBeasty’s Twitch channel, which has more than 22,600 subscribers. On her streams, she performs video games such as Gwent and Stry.

Thea is a new Twitch creator. She only started streaming two months ago. Additionally, she also runs a YouTube channel with 17,000 subscribers.

Her Twitch bio shows that she is from South Africa. She could also be an official Esportscaster for CDPR.

Rumors have it that Mr Beast’s girlfriend is a genius with brains. She has an honors diploma and a bachelor’s degree in Law.

Thea Booysen, Mr Beast are rumored to be courting

For a while, Thea and Mr Beast (aka Jimmy Donaldson) have been creating rumors about their relationship.

Since March 2022, the former has posted photos together with her rumoured boyfriend. The two of them are seen together in a March 2022 post.

They were also observed at the 2022 Kid’s Choice Awards, where they took pictures together.

Due to the turn of the year, the two have been doing some refined flirting over social media.

Thea tweeted April “This random individual keeps looking over me on our flight” and then posted Mr Beast’s photo.

Jimmy responded to her tweet with a hilarious “Have him kicked off!”

Although rumors have been going around for some time, they became more widespread after Thea shared a photo from her latest Las Vegas trip. They look so cute as they are standing arm-in-arm.

After seeing Thea’s picture, many of his followers began to question whether the YouTuber was still with Maddy Spidell.

Maddy Spidell was previously courted by Mr Beast

For the most part, Mr Beast and Maddy Spidell kept their relationship private.

After the second round of these, Maddy said that they were still in love and she confirmed it.

She struck again with another tweet, saying: “If it wasn’t clear – Mr Beast doesn’t want my money, I just want a good friend with good taste and anime who can make you laugh, leave me alone, let me have an unattainable online crush LMFAO.”

Soon after, MrBeast also confirmed their relationship by sharing a series of films and photographs together.

The last time they were seen together on social media was June 2020. Although they were not paid, their followers now know that they are no longer together.

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