Tower of Fantasy: Where to Find Onions

Are you looking to add Onions to your cooking? Here are the steps to get them.


Tower of Fantasy is an open-world MMORPG. It offers many survival and exploration options, including fighting bosses and collecting relics. You can also complete missions and make cooking recipes. You will get different benefits from the various recipes. They are linked to your Satiety and can affect your health regeneration. Onions are a common ingredient in many of these recipes. They are not like other vegetables and can only be found in Aida’s vast wilderness. This guide will explain how to get Onions in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy: Where to Find Onions

To get Onions, visit a Food Vendor, and purchase them. They are not available anywhere else in the game. You will find 3 food vendors within the game, located in the regions Astra ( Banges, Mirrors) and Bangs. You can easily access Astra, the beginning region of your Hesperia adventures. You can find a vegetable shop by going to Ruin A-01 near the Astra Shelter. You can interact with Mrs Taylor and can also buy Onions there. All food vendors offer Onions at 60 gold per piece.

Once you have your Onions, it’s time to use them in your recipes. Onions are only good for 1 Satiety Point. You will find it more rewarding to use them in your cooking recipes. There are many different ways to use Onions, such as the Truffle Fried Rice.

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