Genshin Impact: Ever-Changing Parchment Challenge Guide

Learn how to Complete the Ever-Changing Parchment Challenge in Genshin Impact from this guide.


Genshin Impact lets you play as a Traveler within the world of Tevye. You meet other characters along your journey and invite them to join your party. The Genshin 3.0 update added the Sumeru region along with many POIs, Quests, and more. There are many challenges, but one where you must collect 4 Scrolls. This is the Ever Changing Parchment Challenge. It’s a Hidden Exploration Objective. This guide will teach you how to complete the Ever-Changing Parchment Challenge & its puzzles in Genshin Impact.

How to Completion the Genshin Impact Ever-Changing Parchment Challenge

The Ever Changing Parchment Challenge (or Puzzle) is a series involving challenges that take place in Devantaka Mountain and Ardravi Valley. Each challenge rewards the player with a Parchment, written by an Adventurer. These are the 4 types of Parchment that you can earn:

  • Unsealed Chestment
  • Guiding Parchment
  • Whispering Parchment
  • Mysterious Parchment

As you earn each Parchment, you can get many rewards. This is how to get them all in Genshin Impact.

Part 1 of the Ever-Changing Parchment Challenge in Genshin Impact – Unsealed Parchment

  • You can get the Unsealed Chestment by going to the Statute Of the Seven – Dendro at Ardravi Valley or Sumeru.
  • Head Southeast from there to the Giant Golem’s Hand.
  • You will find a Time Trial Challenge at the base of your hand near the back side of your palm.
  • It is a Time Trial of Collecting Eight Anemo Particles In 100 Seconds.
  • It is easy to complete by using Four-LeafSigil Flowers to traverse up to the top.
  • If you reach the top within the time limit, you will be able to complete the Challenge and receive a common chest along with the Unsealed Parchment.
  • Part 1 of The Ever-Changing Parchment challenge is complete.

Guiding Parchment – Part 2 of the Ever-Changing Parchment challenge

  • To obtain the Guiding Parchment you must Jump and Glide Northeast along the cliffside from the Common Chest that you just received for the Unsealed Parchment.
  • You will be Gliding and you will see the Time-Trial Challenge.
  • It’s a Combat Challenge in which you must defeat all your opponents within 60 seconds.
  • After you’ve defeated your opponents, you can complete the Challenge. If it is completed within Time, you’ll get a Remarkable chest along with the Guiding Parchment.
  • Part 2 of The Ever-Changing Parchment challenge is complete.

Whispering Parchment Part 3 of the Parchment Challenge

  • You will need to go fishing at Devantaka Mountain in order to obtain the Whispering Parchment.
  • Move north from the Remarkable Chest that you have just collected for the Guiding Parchment.
  • While Gliding you’ll see a Fishing Pond.
  • It is easy to get started fishing.
  • The following are essential requirements. Sugardew Bait This is the Challenge.
    • Talk to Loumelat to unlock the Sugardew Bait.
    • For 3 Medaka fish, you can purchase the Sugardew Bait Recipe from her.
    • Go to the Crafting Station in Akademiya Sumeru City and make some Sugardew Bait.
    • Once you have your bait, head to the Fishing Pond to begin Fishing.
  • Keep going until you receive the Whispering Parchment.
  • If there is no Fish in the Pond, load the area again or wait until the Fish spawn.
  • This will give you the Whispering Parchment.
  • Part 3 of The Ever-Changing Parchment challenge is complete.

Mysterious Parchment Part 4 of the Parchment Challenge

  • After you have all three Parchments, the final Parchment is the Mysterious Parchment.
  • You will need to locate the Underground Teleport Waypoint at Ardravi Valley Sumeru.
  • It is located Southwest on Devantaka Mountain and just away from Giant Golem’s Hand.
  • You can reach it by walking west from the Fishing Pond, and then entering a Cave System.
  • Jump and head Northwest from the Teleport Waypoint.
  • Tent will be available with four unlit Torches.
  • You can see the previous Parchments’ locations and you will notice that the Torches follow the same pattern as the other Parchments.
  • The Torch is located on top of a Rocky PlatformLight each Torch using a Counterclockwise manner and a Pyro character like Yanfei.
  • Once you have lit them, you will be done with the Puzzle. You’ll also receive a Luxury Chest and a Mysterious Parchment.
  • Part 4 of The Ever-Changing Parchment challenge is complete.

You will be able to complete the Ever-Changing Parchment challenge in Genshin Impact by completing the last Parchment Paper. This guide hopefully helped. You may also want to check out our other guides, such as How to Use Treasure-Seeking Seelie in Genshin Influence.

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