AUT Trello Link & Discord Server (2022)


It’s called Universal Time or most popularly commonly referred to as AUT is an adventure game with many active players (8000plus at the date of this writing). If you’re a new participant or are returning to it after a few years you’ve probably thought of trying to refresh yourself. That’s a location where the AUT Trello URL and Discord are available. The website for Trello contains a collection of game-related elements, including farming, monetary system NPCs, Quests stands, and even FAQs, which are also very well.

What’s the AUT Trello Link?

Here’s the official A Universal Time (AUT) Trello hyperlink:

It will keep you up-to-date on the most current developments in the game as well as provide help with appeals for bans and also answer important questions. Here’s a summary of what you can find on the Trello board.

What are U-Coins?

U-Coins are the principle currency of AUT, which is best to use for quests, shopping, or collecting specific items. The players can earn them through defeating completely various players, completely different bosses, and opening treasure chests.

How to Use Emotes in AUT?

Use the interlocking “.” key in your keyboard to open the circular menu. Right here, you’ll be able of pressing the emote you’re advised to utilize.

Do Treasure Chests Respawn?

Yes! They’ll appear in mounts on the map. They generally respawn after 2-5 mins at the same location. There are many common rare, unique, legendary or epic goods from a treasure chest.

How to Get a Stand Arrow?

Players can obtain Stand Arrows on the occasion they are used in conjunction together with Arrow Meteorite. The opening of a treasure chest will provide you with a Stand Arrow (50% probability) but for those players who would like to purchase one, it can be purchased through The Shop NPC. The NPC is located in the store next to The Stadium.

How to Get Requiem Arrow?

The act of opening a treasure chest could have a 9 per cent chance of giving you the Requiem Arrow.

If this info was helpful You’ll find plenty of extra information info on the Trello board So, so go ahead and take a look.

AUT Discord Server Link

  • If you’re enjoying the joys in life Discord and would like to join the community of players of AUT, right here’s the URL you can utilize.
  • To submit AUT ban appeals, be a part of this Discord server:

If you’re not able to join the Discord server at the moment, be waiting for a few minutes, and make use of the invite in the shortest time possible.

This is about the AUT Trello board’s URL however for those users who play other Roblox games, listed below are the links to Trello that are for Shindo LifeTatakai V.2, and Era of Althea.

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