Fighting-Type Pokemon Weaknesses & Resistances

This article will cover all you need to know about the weaknesses, and resistances, of Fighting-type Pokemon.


Many people want to know more about the weaknesses and resistances of fighting Pokemon, which is one of the most beloved types in the series. You can learn about your Pokemon to help you build the best team and when you should switch them out in battle. This type also has 3 weaknesses and three resistances. Let’s now examine the Weaknesses and Resistances of Fighting Pokemon, and learn their Strengths.

Fighting Type Weaknesses & Resistances

These Fighting type weaknesses and resistances are applicable to all games, not just the most recent. They can also be used for older games such as those from Gen 2.

Weaknesses Flying and Psychic.
Resistances Rock, Dark, and Bug

Keep in mind that these weaknesses and resistances only work for fighting Pokemon. These will change depending on which type of fighting Pokemon you have. Let’s say, for example, you have a Medicham. This Pokemon has two types: Psychic and Fighting. In such cases, the weaknesses of this Pokemon change to Flying and Ghost. Resistances become Fighting and Rock.

This is only one example. Depending on which type, you might get more or fewer weaknesses than a pure Fighting Type Pokemon.

Fighting Pokemon Strengths

Although it is weak against 3 types, the Fighting type is strong against 5 types. These types include:

  • Super Effective (2x). Normal (Ice, Rock, Dark): This 2x describes how fighting moves against these types can allow you to do 2x damage.

When it comes to attacking, there are two additional effects you need to know about the Fighting type.

  • Not very efficient (1/2x). Poisoning, Flying and Psychic. Fairy. These types are less likely to be attacked by fighting moves than other types.
  • Does not affect the Pokemon (0x). Ghost. This means that if you use a fighting move against a Ghost Pokemon, it won’t have any effect on them.

This concludes the guide on the strengths and weaknesses of Fighting Type Pokemon. You can also find similar information about another type in our guide on Pokemon weaknesses.

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