Who Was Bodybuilder Valdir Segato As ‘Brazilian Hulk’ Dies At 55?


Bodybuilder Valdir Segato, dubbed the Brazilian Hulk passed away at the 55th birthday of. The TikTok celebrity was reportedly taking Synthol injections for a number of years.

Valdir was a man who had risen to become a social media sensation over the last few years, passed away in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil on his fifty-fiveth birthday. In the past, he’s been talked about injecting himself with possibly dangerous oil to improve the bicep that measured 23 inches.

The Sao Paulo native had beforehand told to the Daily Mail that he was impressed by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s body as well as that of The Hulk, the Marvel Hulk character. The Hulk.

Who was Valdir Segato?

Valdir Segato was a Brazilian bodybuilder and TikTok’s most popular user who had 1.7 million users. His Twitter username is study was ‘userValdir. Synthol Oficial’

The star gained fame for his bulging biceps trapezius and chest muscles through social media. He’s made numerous TikToks that showcased his distinct body.

According to The Daily Mail, Valdir had used the possibly life-threatening Synthol shots for only two years.

He was advised that he could be at risk of suffering a stroke and infection but he nevertheless decided to increase the size of his biceps, pectorals and completely various muscle tissues.

A closer look at the use of Synthol in bodybuilding and body building’ in Europe PubMed Central states that the side effects of synthol can be numerous and may result in nerve damage as well as oil embolics of the pulmonary, obstruction from the pulmonary arterial myocardial infarction, stroke, and infective complications.’

The Brazilian Hulk was warned that he could have to undergo an amputation

Six years ago the body transformation enthusiast was warned that he could have to undergo amputation. In addition, he ran the risk of dealing with muscle damage and nerve disfigurement due to Synthol injections.

“They refer to me as Hulk, Schwarzenegger and He-Man often I’m happy with that. I’ve increased my biceps, however I’m still looking to grow,” he talked about in 2016 in line according to the Daily Mail.

In the last few years, Valdir had increased his biceps up to 23 inches, and was now to be known by the name of “the monster” inside the neighborhood. Valdir was proud of his distinction.

Bodybuilder and model dubbed the Brazilian Hulk dies at the age of 55

The local media have stated that because of his absence from the world, Valdir had only some friends or guests. The Brazilian Hulk lived in a lonely life despite his online fame.

A person named Moises da Conceicao da Silva has revealed the fact that Valdir has rented a home behind his family’s residence at Ribeirao Preto for more than 15 years.

The native further mentioned the fact that, on the day of his demise, Valdir had requested Moises mom for help. The bodybuilder was complaining about breathlessness.

“It was about 6:30 am, in some way. He was crawling around the back of the house, and then moved to the front. He knocked on the window of my mother’s house knocked, knocked the next morning she woke up and she said “help me, I need help because I’m dying.” the native remarked about in Brazil’s Globo information.

“They placed him in the vehicle and then the neighbour drove towards the UPA. The man arrived at the UPA and was thrown off the reception suffering an attack of the heart. I believe he had an attack of the heart”, Moises talked about.

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