Who Is Daniel Robinson? A 24-Year-Old Man Vanished In The Arizona Desert

Dateline Podcast: Who Is Daniel Robinson? A 24-Year-Old Man Vanished In The Arizona Desert

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Daniel Robinson has been missing from the Arizona Desert since June 23 2021.

The Missing in America podcast by Dateline investigates the disappearance and disappearance of the geologist Robinson who was a geologist in Buckeye, Arizona.

It’s been more than twelve months since a self-disciplined engineer from an engineering firm ventured out into the Arizona desert in his rusty blue Jeep.

Dateline Podcast: Who Is Daniel Robinson?

Daniel Robinson is a 24-year-old geologist who drove his blue 2017 Jeep Renegade away from his job site on the 23rd of June 2021. He drove to the desert area to the west Sun Valley Parkway, merely north of Cactus Road in Buckeye, Arizona and has not yet had his account was he ever returned.

Since then, Daniel has not been heard or seen from. The father of Daniel, David, chats with Dateline’s Josh Mankiewicz about his son’s disappearance.

He’s 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs in at 160 kilos. He is black with brown eyes. Additionally, a part of his right arm below the arm is not there.

David was living in South Carolina on the time.

He also assumed that his young child, Daniel, was protected by the state of Arizona. Daniel was in Arizona after completing his schooling to become a self-disciplined geologist at an engineering firm.

Daniel was pondering spending the morning of the June day doing fieldwork at a wellsite in the desert.

Ken Elliott, a pump mechanic on the web site well-informed Buckeye Police that he met Daniel at the time to examine an issue. However, it was definitely pouring at the time, so they were waiting until the rain would pass.

Buckeye Authorities Chief Larry Hall stated, “Elliott informed police that Daniel was staring out into the desert and then offered that they leave work to go rest in Phoenix.”

However, Elliott opted to remain in the event that he believed that the storm could cross his path but Daniel took off in his Jeep and drove away without even saying anything.

“When Daniel was leaving, the main road that led that led to the construction site ran located east of the project area. He also claimed Daniel left to the west, which is a problem because there’s nothing to be found,” Hall talked about on “Dateline Missing In America.”

David received a phone number by his child in Phoenix concerning his disappearance. “Hey Dad, well surely one of Daniel’s staff members visited the house and stated that they don’t know where Daniel is,” his daughter told him.

Daniel Robinson’s Missing Case Update

Daniel Robinson was final seen around 9:00 a.m. before dispersing in his home in the Arizona Desert. Daniel Robinson was not at work for about a days.

  • David’s daughter was informed regarding his brother’s identity from one of his colleagues She drove to Daniel’s home and her anxiety quickly turned into terror.
  • Daniel was not home His car, a dirty blue Jeep was also missing.
  • And David Robinson did what any father would do to intervene. David Robinson dialed 911.
  • While a few events indicated Daniel suffering from a mental breakdown however, his father claimed that he had never received a psychological health prognosis.
  • On July 1, Daniel’s car was found in the back of a ravine several miles away from the spot Daniel had disappeared. The airbags were activated and the sunroof’s panels was believed to be smashed but Daniel was not found.
  • Daniel’s orange vest, boots and blue denims still included pockets that were in the lower part of the closet.
  • His laptop computer, backpack keys for the condominium as well as his phone were all inside the Jeep.

In the accident report Daniel’s airbags were activated 11 miles earlier than the remaining odometer he was studying. According to experts, cars have numerous sensors that constantly provide data to the vehicle’s internal strategies. It is possible that there will occur a delay in certain events.”

But Daniel’s father and the personal investigator he hired, Jeff McGrath, who has a particular interest in accident reconstruction, don’t think that to be the situation.

“Of all of the years I’ve completed any type of vehicular crime, that is probably the most mysterious case I’ve ever dealt with,” McGrath said in “Dateline: Missing In America.”

He said he thinks that the airbags of the vehicle exploded somewhere before it was driven towards the ravine.

There’s no sign of Daniel at present. His father is still most often searching the vast desert, is confident that his son is alive.

“There is debate over whether Daniel Robinson was the victim of foul play.” In the long run the issue will not be relevant because the family’s inability to have choices.

If you require any information, you can contact Buckeye Police at (623) 349-6411.

Daniel Robinson’s Father David Still Believes His Son Is Alive

Daniel Robinson’s dad, David, continues to look for his son, and believes that he’s somewhere. The father of Daniel Robinson said that he was happy and a close member of his family. But he didn’t use a cellphone or text message content with anyone in the weeks following his disappearance.

David informed the police that his child was showing surprising behavior recently and that one reason was the fact that it was happening.

A concept he was unable to grasp. Daniel was acquainted with a young woman via his part-time employment with Instacart in the days prior to his disappearance, as per with the police.

Police identified and interrogated the woman who spoke about how her encounter with Daniel after he had made an appearance at her home in connection with their search for a missing person.

She’d been out with her friend, and they’d invited Daniel to join them. They exchanged numbers, and were followed by messages the following day.

There’s nothing incompatible with anything. The woman informed police Daniel started showing up unannounced at her house and wanted to request for him to leave.

Daniel called her on the day earlier than he disappeared and said, “I’ll either see you again, or I’ll never see you again.”

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