Who Is Tala Safwan? Egyptian TikToker Arrested In Saudi Arabia For ‘Immoral’ Video

Who Is Tala Safwan? Egyptian TikToker Arrested In Saudi Arabia For ‘Immoral’ Video

Tala Safwan, an Egyptian popular social media influencer who was recently incarcerated by the authorities in Saudi Arabia. She is a young Vlogger who has five million TikTok followers and an infinity fan following.

The police division has detained her for posting sexually explicit content materials. According to police, the content shared by an influencer could influence morality and public conduct.

Who Is Tala Safwan? Egyptian TikToker Arrested In Saudi Arabia For “Immoral” Video

Tala Safwan, a popular TikTok model also a popular social media actress recognized for her video vlogging. The young influencer counts eighty-five thousand followers for her personal YouTube channel and has around five million on the TikTok account.

In the report by BBC News, the Saudi security forces have detained an unidentified content material producer in Riyadh. After the controversial live broadcast, she was seen on the air talking about sexually explicit innuendos with her companion.

The video of Tala posted on social media has gone viral. People were able to accuse Tala of being gay in connection with her conversation with a friend on live broadcast by using “Tik Tok,” denouncing the content materials she shared as offensive and morally wrong.

A Saudi Public Security official Twitter account revealed that the person in detention has been identified as an Egyptian resident but didn’t disclose her identity. According to the police report, the social media influencer was detained due to her appearance in a video chat with a person who was using sexually explicit content and insinuations that might harm the morality of the public.

The young influencer claims that it was not her intention to offend anyone. The fun, bubbly era of the vlogger’s youthful black hair and bold choices are geared towards the needs of young people. Her films are well-known for their catchy titles that resemble tabloids as she talks about TV shows and comments made by her followers, the majority of which could be related to relationships.

The videos of Tala typically include humor and challenges that could be enjoyed by a lot of people across the globe. However, her most recent video was totally different and elicited a strong reaction. The popular social media star keeps the details of her private life away from the eyes of the majority. She only shared the stories she shared with her followers while traveling to many Arab countries.

Tala Safwan Jail Sentence and Mugshot

The Saudi Arabian police division arrested Tala Safwan in connection with her most recent video, believed to contain an undertone of homosexuality.

In accordance with the laws on cybercrime that are in force within Saudi Arabia, anyone who is found guilty of a cyber crime has to be sentenced to jail which could last up to 5 years and an incredible amount of $3,000,000. But, in this case, Tala Safwan the police division did not release the official announcement of her jail sentence or the mugshot.

When the information about the influencer became widely on the Internet and on social media, a majority of people asked to engage in a strict-licensed action against Tala on social media.

The court case came just a few days following Saudi Arabia’s media regulator required that YouTube remove commercials they deemed unacceptable to the country’s Muslim beliefs and values. If no action was taken the regulator threatened to ban the movement.

The claim was made as a response to comments from Saudi parents and moms that their children were exposed to inaccurate information in YouTube advertisements.

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