Who Is Gena Tew? TikToker Reveals Emotional AIDS Prognosis

Who Is Gena Tew? TikToker Reveals Emotional AIDS Prognosis

Gena Tew is a social media celebrity and influencer has used her account on TikTok to discuss her AIDS diagnosis and share her story with followers.

Tew first spoke out about suffering from AIDS in March 2022 on a TikTok video. Tew said that she’d “gone through hell” and was “going through hell.”

Who is Gena Tew?

Gena Tew is a popular social media sensation with over 400 thousand TikTok followers and less than 20000 Instagram followers.

The actress has also been posting motion photos of her AIDS prognosis as well as keeping fans on the loop in her journey.

Lew spoke about how even though her website is not intended to be educational or an educational document but Lew is “appreciates that people are getting awareness about AIDS.”

Tew is 27 and is in line with the Famous Birthdays.

Gena Tew speaks out about AIDS prognosis

Tew has answered concerns from fans about her AIDS prognosis, and she has spoken out about how she got the diagnosis.

She remarked: “I do not know who gave the medicine to me or how I received it. All I can say is I was sick to the point of dying They said I ought to be suffering for a period of eight to 10 years. In that period I was located in New York City and I was homeless.”

Tew admitted to having been assaulted while living at New York, and as she spoke about it, she was able to get free tattoos and it “could have been from a dirty needle.”

“Did I meet those people? No. Did I make any comments when those events occurred? Not really, since I was ignorant and was foolish and younger,” she talked about.

TikTok star discusses losing mobility

Tew’s mobility has been impacted and she’s posted a number of updates on the internet with people who follow her about her wheelchair, and with a video uploaded in May where she told them that she could not walk.

Then, in June Tew published in June, Tew shared a video from the initial days after determining that she had AIDS during her stay in hospital. Tew remarked her being “so weak” that she could not speak in a normal manner.

In the midst of June, Tew knowledgeable followers that she was “still weak” nevertheless “trying every day,” and in July, she told fans that she was fully prepared to take her first steps in her wheelchair.

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