Who Is Nicholas Luna? Trump White House Assistant And Jan 6 Hearing Updates

Who Is Nicholas Luna? Trump White House Assistant And Jan 6 Hearing Updates

Nicholas Luna, former assistant to President Donald Trump inside the White House is being considered after he almost testified during the January 6 Hearing.

Many stories claim that he almost testified earlier than the House Select Committee probing the Capitol assault on January 6. ABC News reported.

The committee subpoenaed Nick in November after he was identified as Donald Trump’s personal bodyguard within the West Wing. The committee had spoken to him before his digital look. However, December was a short-lived postponement.

Nicholas Luna, also known as Nick Luna, was the White House personal assistant of former US President Donald Trump. Although he wasn’t an assistant president, he was a good “Assistant of the President.”

Nick Luna, a senior White House security staff member, is an American who serves as President Donald Trump’s personal assistant. Based mostly on CNN, his examination revealed that he had covid. Trump’s “body man” standing requires that Luna keep in close contact with him every day.

Nick is a veteran in Hollywood and has a wealth of knowledge in politics. His filmography incorporates quite a few credit scores. He is currently seen as Joshua Logan in the film “As Long As I’m Famous.” In 2016, he made the temporary film “Loveless in a brown Room”, as part of his attempts to spice up his directorial career.

When was Nicholas Luna born? Age of Politicians in 2022

The “Young Conservative” keeps his private life and other details of his life secret. It is not known when his birthday was, nor are there any indications that it was celebrated. His estimated age is in the mid-30s.

He graduated from Vanderbilt University and William Esper Studio. His IMDb web page is the main source of his information. He is a strong assembler and has an artful demeanor that would be a good match for a president or the United States’ bodyguard.

Nick was the personal aide of the presidential candidate during the 2008 election. This position was held from May 2007 to May 2008. The candidate pulled out of the advertising campaign in May 2008. However, he did not set up the candidate by determination. Luna worked in January 2017 for the Department of Defense.

Nicholas Luna Family Life in Nutshell: Wife and Children Loving Nicholas Luna

On September 5, 2020, Nicholas Luna wed White House assistant Cassidy Dumbauld. However, they have not had children.

The couple registered at Bloomingdales and requested gifts that included a Versace platter, a set “Federal Gold”, place settings, as well as a Kate Spade dinnerware collection.

The couple’s details and photographs from their wedding ceremony were kept confidential. Dumbauld’s mom, however, shared photos from the wedding via her Facebook page using the hashtags “covidstyle” and “intimate marriage.”

How much does Nicholas Luna have in net worth?

Nicholas’ net worth is estimated at $1.6 million by some sources, despite not publicly confirmed.

In June 2022, the White House stated that Luna’s annual salary had increased to $183,000 from June 2022. According to the story, Luna and Pat Cipollone (White House Counsel) each earn the same wage.

Luna’s job description has been greatly improved, as well as her pay. Luna was a Lead Advance Representative and earned $83,000 in July 2017. This is based largely on the White House’s annual report to Congress about employee pay.

Luna has also worked as an actor and director in motion pictures and TV episodes.

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