Who Is Audrey Lorber? Staten Island Teen Arrested For Drugs Charges


Audrey Lorber, an American teenager, was arrested in Russia for marijuana possession in 2019. The story has been republished online with comparisons to Brittney Griner’s arrest and sentencing.

Americans have been condemning Brittney Griner’s nine-year sentence and comparing it to Lorber’s arrest. The Pheonix Mercury participant was found with 0.70 grams CBD oil in her vape while Loeber was found with 19 grams of prescribed cannabis.

It could be due to the fact that the incidents took place at the same time. Lorber was detained in 2019 when Donald Trump was President. He had a great relationship with Vladimir Putin. Griner was arrested in 2022 together with Joe Biden. Joe Biden put sanctions on funds that specialized in Russian oil and trade as a result.

Audrey Lorber: Who are you? Staten Island Teen Arrested For Weed Possession

Audrey Lorber, an American lady hailing from Staten Island, was arrested for marijuana possession in Russia in 2019. After the 9-year sentence that Brittney Griner, WNBA star, received for marijuana possession, her case became a topic of discussion. Audrey was travelling to Russia with her mother for a

Audrey Lorber and Rochelle Lorber were on their way to Russia in July 2019 when she was arrested with 19 grams of marijuana.

According to the Moscow District Court of St. Petersburg Audrey was arrested because she attempted to import marijuana from the US into Russia. Audrey had a prescription for medical cannabis in the US, and paperwork to prove it. It was confirmed that it was not valid in Russian Federation.

Audrey Lorber Jail Sentence and Charges

Audrey Lorber was arrested in Russia for possessing marijuana. She was sentenced for two months in prison and fined 15,000 rubles (equivalent to approximately $375).

Lorber, a minor, was arrested in accordance with the Russian Law against marijuana possession.

Because of the high number of people who have been jailed for violating it, the Russian nickname for laws is “people’s articles”. According to reports, 25% of Russian prisoners are held for drug-related offenses.

Rachelle, the mother of the teenager, was there with her while she was detained in Russia. They had a great time visiting a variety of cities in the country. Rachelle’s Facebook contains photos of Rachelle and her daughter enjoying a visit to Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

Just days before her arrest, the Lorbers had been enjoying an Ed Sheeran stay performance in Spartak Moscow stadium as well as Sleeping Beauty at Bolshi Theatre. Audrey was finally released from Russian prison in September 2019, after many attempts to release her.

Audrey Lorber Where Are You Now?

Audrey Lorber’s current location is not normally known. She is however believed to be safe and sound in the United States.

Lorber was released from a Russian prison and sent to the United States. She arrived in 2019 with a clean record. Lorber continued to live a normal life after the incident, and graduated college in May 2021 with a 4.0 grade point average.

Audrey’s mother Rochelle posted a photo on Facebook congratulating her daughter. Audrey was energetic on Facebook, as well as in July.

Twitter users are discussing the arrests of Brittney, Audrey and others as they relate to drug possession. Griner, 31, was convicted for smuggling 0.7% of THC and sentenced to nine years in prison. She was also fined 1,000,000 rubles.

Aubrey Lorber, 19, was found guilty of smuggling 17 g of THC into Russia. He was released after a two-month-long detention and was fined 15,000 rubles.

People have argued that racism and ethnicity are essential components of discrimination in the Russian sentencing. Brittney Griner’s ethnicity can be found here: Brittney Griner Ethnicity and Religion – Where is her Mother Sandra Griner?

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