GoFundMe: Who Is Ashley Lockhart? Mother Of 6 Killed By Boyfriend In West Philadelphia


Ashley Lockhart, a mother of six children, was stabbed to death by her boyfriend in West Philadelphia. According to reports, she had a PFA against the man who caused the incident.

Police reported a crime in Philadelphia’s 54th and Chestnut Streets on Saturday, August 6, 2022. A person in an automobile stabbed a girl repeatedly until she died in broad daylight. The crime scene contained a knife.

The grisly nature of the crime has shocked the residents of Chestnut Street. According to reports, the knife that was used as a murder weapon was still inside the victim’s head when police arrived.

GoFundMe: Who Is Ashley Lockhart? Boyfriend Kills Mother of 6

Ashley Lockhart, a mother of 6, was stabbed in broad daylight by her boyfriend. According to reports, she was found ineffective in a Honda Odessey gold with multiple stab wounds in West Philadelphia.

To help women with financial needs and their worth, a GoFundMe campaign was launched. Lakeshia Lockhart (a member of the family of the deceased) created the fundraiser. It has raised approximately $4,000.One member of the household created a GoFundMe account for the welfare and well-being of the women. Source:
Gofundme ()

“On Saturday, August 6, 2022 Ashley Lockhart died suddenly from the loss of her six beautiful daughters and their loved ones.” The details are revealed that Ashley was an extraordinary Mother, dedicated Mother and devoted Mother. She was devoted to her children and made sacrifices for them that will be cherished forever.

The fundraiser, 6 Charms as Ashley used to call it, was started for the welfare and support of little girls. It has received overwhelming help from the public.

Ashley Lockhart was stabbed to death

Ashley Lockhart, a victim of a brutal stabbing attack that resulted in her death, was found dead at 8 a.m. Saturday on 54th and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia. Along with one to his face, the victim sustained multiple stab wounds.

Police discovered that her body was spherical at 8:25 AM on the identical day after they were informed of the incident. The lady, in her 30s, was found to be ineffective within a Honda Odyssey gold on the 5300 block Chestnut Street.


Amen Brown, a state representative, informed Ashley that she had received gift protection from abuse (PFA), in opposition to her boyfriend. According to reports, a 34-year-old man is being held in police custody.

A CCTV video from a space retailer showed that an individual entered the vehicle and repeatedly stabbed the woman. Sources claim that the crime was so horrific that the knife was still embedded in the girl’s head when police arrived.

Ashley Lockhart Children

Ashey Lockhart was the mother of six beautiful daughters. Her life was tragically cut short by an explicit cruel individual on Saturday.

According to reports, Azur’ee and Aivah were born 10 months earlier than the Aivah, Ray’ah and Ray’ah ladies. Ashley used to call her children “6 Charms” and would do anything for their wellbeing.

Lockhart, in her 30s, loved her children and made sacrifices to support them. Her family is stunned and disbelieving that Ashley would be taken from them.

It was taught that the women had been on a journey and would return to high school in a matter of weeks. Although the ladies won’t be able to find their mother again, they will get justice.

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