Who Is Archie Battersbee’s Mother? Hollie Dance, What Occurred To Her Son? Death Details


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Hollie Dance and Paul Battersbee, Archie Battersbee’s father and mother are fighting for their son’s lives. After the matter was heard in a London courtroom, the determine ruled that Archie had died on May 31st. It is possible that his life support could be cut.

Hollie Dance, Archie Battersbee’s mother, admitted that her 12-year-old son had died.

Archie, 12, was involved in a terrible accident on April 7. This left him with serious thoughts harm. The child is currently fighting for his life after being placed in a coma since April 7. Archie, 12 years old, was then taken to the Barts Health NHS Trust run Royal London Hospital in east London.

Consultants stated that the boy’s thoughts harm was so critical that it could be possible for him to be thought ineffective. The family declined to perform a thoughts stem death test. This prompted them to file an extreme courtroom petition.

Hollie Dance and Paul Battersbee, Archie Battersbee’s father and mother, are fighting for their son’s survival. After the matter was heard in a London courtroom, the determine ruled that Archie had died on May 31st. It is possible that his life support will be cut. Hollie and Paul did not lose their son’s life. According to the mother and dad, their son is still alive and needs additional restoration.

Hollie mentioned that Archie had grasped her hand in a present interview. Hollie and Paul had Archie six years old when they divorced. Paul has been supportive of Archie throughout his divorce proceedings so that he and Hollie can rebuild their lives.

Hollie Dance Age, Family and Early Life

It is important to acknowledge Hollie Dance’s Zodiac sign and starting date. She is British and belongs to a white ethnicity.

There is currently no information available on Hollie Dance’s father and mother.

Hollie Dance Husband, But What About Her Children?

Paul Battersby is the husband, and Hollie dances the wife. They have pleaded for everyone’s help to save Archie, their 12-year-old son. Ms. Hollie created an internet page to share information about her son’s case.

Paul can do all he can to help his son and ex-partner. They have researched all aspects of the regulation that could help them win their son’s lawsuit.

Hollie Dance’s career, what is her occupation?

Hollie Dance isn’t talking about her job on Facebook. If we find any information about her work history, we will send you an email.

How much is Hollie dance net worth?

We should not have any information about Hollie Dance’s networth.

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Which school and faculty did she attend?

All details regarding Hollie Dance’s high school or the faculty from which she graduated are being investigated.

Is she accessible via any social media platform?

Although we did a quick search for Hollie Dance’s social media presence, we were unable to locate her on any social media platform.

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