Twitter Is Flooded With Hilarious Bob Odenkirk Foot Fetish Memes As Followers Reply To The Better Call Saul Actor’s Instagram Action


Twitter is filled with funny Bob Odenkirk footfetish memes, as people respond to the Better Call Saul actor’s Instagram actions.

Bob Odenkirk, the actor from Better Call Saul, is very in style online due to his delicate Instagram actions. It was revealed that the Emmy-nominated actor had created a social media web page that only featured images of his toes.

This was something that netizens noticed and immediately took to Twitter to poke fun at the actor’s purported fetish.

Client u/CPTSOAPPRICE shared a picture of @glorioustoes’ Instagram page in engagement footwear to Reddit. What was Bob Odenkirk indicating by this? This is how the client captioned submit.

Bob Odenkirk is without doubt one of 3465 internet page followers.

Online prospects quickly posted to Instagram to express their disbelief. As proof, they quickly took screenshots from the Instagram account of the actor.

Instagram has more than 860 photos of women wearing extreme heels and painted toes. The internet page’s bio contained the phrase “Male”, which seems to confirm that the account is owned by a man.

Amusing memes are a hit with Internet prospects

Fans had been shocked to examine that the 59-year-Instagram outdated’s account, which he makes use of beneath the moniker “therealbobodenkirk,” adopted the internet web page with images of fetish toes.

Bob Odenkirk is attacked by his heart while filming Better Call Saul

After suffering a heart attack, the actor who plays Better Call Saul’s Saul Goodman passed away on the current’s set July 2021. Angie Meyer, who is the current’s affiliate director, was effectively the being supervisor and performed CPR on the actor before connecting him to an automatic defibrillator.

Odenkirk spent the next five weeks away from work in order to recover from the terrible event. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Odenkirk admitted that he had reduced his filming to 12 hours per day.

Odenkirk also spoke to media about how it was strange for him to show the audience the episode he had just handed out. Odenkirk clarified:

It’s the most unusual aspect of it is that I don’t remember that day. It is rare for me to see a factor that I have no recollection of. Even though the video was taken months ago, it is still easy to remember it once you have seen it. It’s so clear at this particular event. It’s quite unusual. It seems unusual to lose something for more than a week and a quarter. It doesn’t have to be cleaned, it just has to be clear. It was an unusual experience in any case. Apart from that, I am fine.

As of this article was written, the Breaking Bad actor had not followed the mentioned Instagram account. The actor hadn’t launched an Instagram press release regarding his Instagram following at the time of this article was written.

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