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Who is Lakshmi Varudevan?

However, she chose to publish the incident in order to inform others of the method employed in this cybercrime. According to Lakshmi she received an email stating she was awarded Rs 5 lakh and after clicking the link, a program was downloaded mechanically onto her computer.

Lakshmi Vasudevan Wiki

The standard Tamil TV actress Lakshmi Vasudevan has been featured in a variety of motion pictures and sequences alongside Saravanan Meenatchi as well as Oru Oorla Oru Rajakumari, is launching an emotional video for her followers. They are sincerely begging her to be back on the screen of the show.

Watch Lakshmi Vasudevan Leaked Video

Then, hackers broke into her phone and took her photos and later edited inappropriately and published on the internet. The cybercriminals informed her that she took out a loan of 5000 rupees (positive it is right) and demanded that she pay the loan again.

Lakshmi Vasudevan Leaked Video Goes Viral on Twitter and Reddit

The specific individual then advised her that her pictures could be shared with other people in the event she did not pay for the costs. Lakshmi was adamant with those who embraced her to not click on fraudulent links that came through unsuspecting individuals. She has filed a complaint against Hyderabad Cybercrime Unit. Hyderabad Cybercrime Unit, which is currently carrying out an investigation.

More Details About Lakshmi Vasudevan Leaked Video

Lakshmi said that her obscene and deformed photos were distributed to her entire circle of contacts via WhatsApp along with her parents and a wide range of close family and friends members. She explained that the people in her circle have known her and that she does not want to reveal that they’re not aware of.

NameLakshmi Vasudevan
Day of Viral26 September 2022
Viral PlatformTwitter, Reddit & Social Media
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