Bounty Killer Reveals Merciless Died From Drug Overdose


Abundance Executioner shared the sad news that Barbarous, a late dancehall artist, died from a drug glut.

The Warlord is responding to pundits from the positive quarters in the dancehall clique, who are slamming his decision not to attend the incredible battle craftsman’s funeral service.

Brutal, whose real title was Leonard Bartley (September 18), was fired. The craftman, who was actually named Leonard Bartley, died July 1, at an inn in St Andrew on Beechwood Road.

Dancehall fans were shocked to hear of the death of the 51-year-old craftsman. He was young and reportedly not suffering from any serious illness at the time of his death.

Spragga Mercedes, Wear Mafia and Little Legend attended the barbarous memorial service. It was a strange thing that completely different people, who were apparently closed and extremely regarded by the artist, were absent from his memorial service.

Beenie Man and Abundance Executioner, who have a long history with Hardhearted, were also absent from the goodbye prompting devotees along with Tony Matterhorn getting down at them for not showing solidarity.

Instagram users who adore Abundance Executioner criticized him for not attending the event, prompting an acidic reaction from the craftsman.

Monday’s Cruel Supervisor Harvel ‘Gafi” Hart bought Abundance Executioner, and Beenie Person to remove them from the service.

Hart regrets Barbarous’s family not remembering Abundance or Beenie in his memorial service program. Hart also mentions that the late disk jockey complimented them.

Hart also attacked Sizzla and Capleton for not showing up at any of these occasions or nine-nights for the craftsman.

The week began with a sound chew on Abundance Executioner’s meeting on 104.1 FM radio in Cayman. In regards to Cruel’s death from a drug glut, the craftsman attacked pundits for not looking to the memorial service.

The disk jockey spoke of “An overdeh the man lose it enuh dog,” Pitiless is dead from drugs. Are drugs able to kill Pitiless? It is just a modest statement. There is no way to kill the Wear through respiratory failure or excessive nutten breeding. We don’t require elaborate pon the deceased man or nutten. However, they fi gweh me a no burial service. There is no bwoy or cyan slope for me inno.

Abundance Executioner stated that Savage was not his companion, but he was a reasonable collaborator. He later decided that he does not owe his family any half of his sympathies and doesn’t owe them any money. He stated that Savage was not his companion. The assertion of abundance has been examined by the use of digital leisure to make the sound chew the spherical.

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