Valorant ACS Guide: What Does It Mean & How Does It Work?


Valorant is a strategic First Person Hero Shooter game developed by Riot Games. It is a game where you win by taking down your foes and meeting the objective of either Spike Planter or as a Defuser. When you are done with the match, you’ll be shown the Scoreboard for all the players along with their statistics. One statistic that is displayed and determines who’s in the 1st to 10th positions in the game is called ACS. In this article, I will tell you what it means to use the word ACS. Valorant.

What is ACS mean in Valorant?

the ACS or more commonly known as the Average Combat Score is your total score in a match. It means ACS is an overall summation of what you have accomplished during the course of a Valorant contest. Calculation of ACS is done by weighing several aspects. This is the formula for what ACS can be calculated using Valorant.

  • ACS = (Damage + Assist*25 + Kill Score) / Total Match Rounds
    • Damage is your total loss.
    • Assist is a count of your non-damaging Assists as Flashes Smokes, Smokes and various useful.
    • Kill Score Total Score of the killings you receive based on the number of enemies alive.
      • Your Kill Score may range from 150/130/110/90/70 in the event that the 5/4/3/2/1 enemies are still alive.
      • Additionally, you will receive 50 points for kills when you kill more than once the course of a game.
      • This multiplier can be applied to kills occurring following the first kill.

This is the way ACS calculates. ACS is more than a scoring system for individuals. If you’re not participating in the round or you are the first to die then you won’t earn any points for an ACS. In Valiant the game, your score on ACS will affect the amount of RR you earn. This is the reason you earn lots of RR when you are successful with a high ACS, but you lose smaller RR with less ACS.

If you are looking to increase your ACS, then you’ll be required to play with your team and their utilityCombining one another will earn you and your teammate points towards an ACS. As many Assists and the more First Bloods, you earn greater the amount of ACS that you receive. Multi-Kills are another aspect that determines your ACS. Be more proactive when playing rather than reacting.

This article was about what ACS is in the Valiant. I hope that this guide has been helpful to you. Also, you can go through our other guides, such as the Best Worthy Crosshairs For Shots.

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