The Walking Dead All-Stars Tier List

The Walking Dead All-Stars Tier List

The Walking Dead All-Stars is an idle role-playing game which brings together the most infamous characters from comic books as well as AMC’s TV show. If you’ve ever experienced or learned about TWD you’d be aware that it’s about the survival of the strongest. This is the same for games as well. While the walkers are generally a terrifying force to deal with, it’s important to select the most simple characters. Do not be stressed, try at our Walking Dead All-Stars tier file to find the easiest characters to beat zombies.

The Walking Dead All-Stars Tier List (Best Characters Ranked)

Here’s the tier file of the most simple characters to identify the status of your workforce TWD All-Stars:

TiersTypeBest TWD Characters
S TierOverseerEzekiel & Shiva
S TierAllyGlenn
S TierOverseerMichone
S TierWarlordNegan
S TierAllySophia
A TierNeutralAbraham
A TierAllyAndrea
A TierWarlordAndrew
A TierNeutralBeta
A TierOverseerCarl Grimes
A TierPredatorChemist
A TierNeutralKate
A TierAllyShane
A TierPredatorSherry
A TierBystanderTyrese
B TierBystanderChloe
B TierNeutralDenise
B TierPredatorDwight
B TierWarlordEmily
B TierWarlordEva
B TierAllyGabriel
B TierNeutralGideon
B TierOverseerJesus
B TierBystanderEugene
B TierBystanderLake
B TierNeutralMagna
B TierNeutralSebastian
B TierOverseerLeader Rick
C TierPredatorGunther
C TierPredatorLaura
C TierBystanderMercer
C TierAllyPrincess
C TierNeutralR
C TierAllyRick Grimes
C TierNeutralRosita
D TierAllyAxel
D TierAllyDante
D TierBystanderScott
F TierPredatorAlpha
F TierBystanderGeorge
F TierPredatorGovernor
F TierBystanderRaina
F TierBystanderTylor
The Walking Dead All-Stars Tier List

The characters in the S Tier are among the many. You can’t choose an ally such as Glenn for the reason that he can take in the direction of the offence. In order to do this, you’ll need an Overseer or Warlord type of character who will manage the realm. You could pick one of the characters such as Negan as well as Andrew to combat with your enemies. However, these characters aren’t easy to accumulate. This means that you may need to select characters from those in the level A and B levels to begin your early game. You are able to switch and acquire new characters as you advance in your game. For new recruits, DarylJesusCarl along with the leader Rick could be excellent choices for your team.

The whole story is covered in The Walking Dead All-Stars Tier file. If you enjoyed this article take a look at our various Tier Listings along with our Mobile guides just here on Gamer Tweak.

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