Maria Okan Opens Up On The Alleged N2m Olamide Gave Her For Abortion


Maria Okan speaks out about the claimed N2m Olamide offered her for abortion Maria Okan opens #alleged Olamide’s #N2m to give #Abortion. This is the most up-to-date news and most popular show we’ve got for you currently :

Nigerian musician Olamide’s mother, Maria Okan has made further disclosures regarding her relationship with the singer.

Okan previously shared her story of struggles through her Facebook and Twitter accounts as she announced her new position with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in the United Kingdom.

However, her narrative that claimed that Olamide had left her to take care of the child on her own was not a great idea and didn’t go the trick with a handful of his fans, and they didn’t hesitate to express their anger and displeasure.

Responding to this, Maria Okan as soon as she could, confirmed that Olamide did not give her any money to fund abortions as reported on the internet.

They wrote “Your negative comments about trolling, threats of death and insults over this time have been meaningless LOL. We’re doing great and are in good health We are earning money, and we’ll continue to rise.”

“And to be clear that no one ever gave me any money at all to have an abortion. As a mother, if you have a baby and have her delivered by God’s Grace of God you’ll be aware of how humiliating this is and has been.””At this point, when all these ridiculous stories were being aired here I chose to go through with the birth of my child because I was at a high risk of being pregnant, as well as an uncontrolled fibroid which nearly burst just a few months into. As she’s in good health and is safe it’s not a problem. We’re grateful to God.”

The news that Okan was pregnant brought the internet to a standstill in 2019, and the joy was immense.

It was reported that the MTV Shuga actress had entered straight into a romantic relationship with Olamide on the assumption that Olamide was single and was separated from his baby mama.

“Olamide said to her that he was not single, which is why she got engaged. They were in love,” the provider revealed again in the year 2019.

The love affair ended after Maria realized she was not the YBNL boss who was in fact, working with his baby mommy and long-time partner.

According to critics that the actress emigrated abroad while she was expecting.

For 2020 Okan honoured her daughter’s birthday in a grand model.

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