Steelrising Weapons Upgrade Guide


Steelrising is an action-based role-playing Souls-like Game developed by Spiders. The game lets you’re able to play as Aegis the Mysterious Automaton Masterpiece, & must fight the forces of King Louis XVI who has suppressed the French Revolution with Bloodshed. You as well as your Allies must bring an end from him, before it’s late. In order to do this, you’ll need weapons that are effective. In this game, weapons are your weapons to destroy. However, at some point they are unable to deal the destruction required. In this article, I’ll guide you on how to upgrade your weapons with Steelrising.

How do you upgrade your weapons in Steelrising

As you advance through Steelrising You will acquire different types of weapons. Some are powerful and can become your primary Weapon. However, after a time they can be able to take on the tougher enemies. Therefore, upgrading your weapons will become necessary. To upgrade your weapons in Steelrising, you’ll require to locate an Vestal. The Vestal can be described as the Respawn Checkpoint of the game. It operates similarly to other Souls-like games like Bonfires, Sites of Grace and other. Vestals can be found at various points throughout the game, and you’ll find it.

A Vestal is a type of Salon Chair inside the shape of a Circular Cage. If you touch it, you will be able to access your vestal menuSelect Upgrades and then choose Weapons. Then it will display the list of weapons that you currently have. Select the one you wish to upgrade and click it. If you’ve got the right materials, then the weapon will be upgraded. The primary resource you’ll require for upgrades will be Anima Essence which you can harvest from your enemies.

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