Shocking Video Exhibits Groom Taking Part In Bride’s SEX TAPE To Reveal Affair At Their WEDDING!


FUJIAN, CHINA: A video from the year 2019 that been circulating after the additional footage has been released. The video shows the groom revealing his wife’s affair, presenting the video of his bride lying on a mattress with another male during their wedding on the day of the ceremony. The video has stunned the internet in China and went viral. The couple are seen walking down the aisle of their wedding reception ceremony in Fujian the province of the southeast of China.

As they reach the stage’s center The film is said to play for 5 minutes on a huge projection screen to be in tune with the native media. According to online stories the film was shown to the wife of the cheater before family members and friends to make her look bad after her affair with her husband’s daughter was discovered.

The video has racked up more than six million views and an array of ideas as a result of its resurfacing. “In front of everyone, the groom aired a film of his wife cheating on him with her pregnant sister-in-husband,” law’s video’s caption, “Cheating Bride,” reads.

Internet users are enraged by the unconfirmed video that appears to have been captured by a client during the wedding ceremony. While some say the incident was real however, some believe the videos were made as component of a video application’s promotion strategy.

The fiery subject, which includes three videos, is carefully covered by China’s top Chinese-language media outlets as well as Taiwan’s ET Today, Hong Kong’s Apple Daily, and Sina on the mainland of China.

The host says, “Now we are going to show you the movies of how the newlyweds grew up,” in result of their wedding is shown in one of many films walking down the aisle, after having a stand at their wedding ceremony reception. But, just a few minutes after, the projector starts showing a graphic movie. The bride is later heard being criticized by her husband, who declares, “Did you think I didn’t know about this?” on the stage. The bride then presents her bouquet to her husband to be. After that, their family and friends begin to break up the couple.

The two additional videos, which run for 5 minutes, are said to be pornographic images of the bride’s brother and sister-in-law.

In the form of insider information, Apple Daily opinions that the couple has been together for two years and become engaged for within six months of each other. In the wake of the installation of a security camera at their home of the future during an issue with renovations The groom was allegedly aware that his bride had been involved in an affair.

It was the sister of bridesmaids who was 6 months pregnant, which is in line with the story. According to a widely known Chinese blog about leisure the films first were viewed on the app for short videos “Aubergine Video,” which is the reason the show changed to be”the “aubergine brother-in-law gate.”

The blogger also claimed that the bride had strayed from her husband due to his snaring of her in her home. He was alleged to have promised to purchase a flat and a car for her or her wedding before she agreed for marriage.

The bride is said to have confessed to the affair in accordance according to the writer. According to reports, after she began to facilitate between her and her fiancé throughout their fight over domestic violence her brother-in-law and she were in love.

The bride is said to have ordered her companion delete all motion images on the internet according to the report.

The Mr. Zha, a particular journalist who writes about gossip, believes all the events were an elaborate publicity stunt. How the video app taken over the footage “exclusively” baffled the creator.

Who is going to post their private business to a video website? Mr. Zha argued. He also said that the logo of the app could very well be visible in the video tape that was used during the wedding ceremony. In conclusion He said that “There is only one possible explanation, and that is that this is an evil marketing ploy.”

The videos related to the incident are being posted on Twitter and on the messenger app WeChat after it was removed by Weibo, the Chinese social media site Weibo.

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