Podcast: Who Is Dan Cross Wife, Nicola Cross? A Look At His Family’s Role In His Life


Dan Cross is the husband to Nicola Cross. He was brutally stabbed ten times at her Hemel Hempstead residence on 14 September 2015.

According to The Guardian, Marcin Porczynski is currently in detention and will be under medication for the rest his life. He was suffering from a severe psychological disorder, commonly known as schizophrenia.

A tabloid reported Marcin had broken into Nicola’s home and killed her. She fought bravely against the knifeman until her last breath.

Nicola, the mother of her two children, was chatting with her husband and when she yelled over the telephone for help. Dan couldn’t help himself as he was out of his home for enterprise features.

Who is Dan Cross Wife, Nicola Cross

Nicola Cross was the victim of a knifeman’s attack on Dan Cross in September 2015. However, he feels regret and is blaming himself for not being able protect his friend Nicola after the horrific murder of Nicola many years ago. She was 37 years old.

According to The Sun Dan, aka Daniel Cross was not at home when the intruder entered Nicola’s house. He attacked her while she was talking with Dan. She was chatting with Dan when the killer attacked her. He stabbed her multiple times in front of her toddler children, who were 6 and 3 years old.

Dan stated that he could hear Nicola’s pleas for her life and the children over the telephone.

Mother of Two Nicola Cross was murdered brutally in 2015 – Murder Update

Nicola Cross, 37 years old, was attacked by her two children in September 2015. Marcin Porczynski was the man who attacked her. He had paranoid schizophrenia at the time he entered her home.

The BBC reports that Marcin heard a voice telling him to kill Nicola or that his family might be murdered in Poland. Marcin’s mental state at the time of the incident was not positive.

After his partner’s death in 2015, Dan took to the lot. Alex Wells was the love of his entire life. He was the father of two young children who struggled to make ends meet.

Daily Mail reports that Dan has finally settled down with Alex Wells, his psychologically well-being worker.

Alex Wells, Dan Cross’s new wife, welcomed a baby girl in July

Dan Cross and Alex Wells welcomed a baby girl as per their availability. Alex is Alex’s gift from God. She helped him get through the trauma.

However, Dan, now 43 years old, shared information about their baby boy on social media during the podcast with James English. The host acknowledged that he is now happy.

Father of three, he said that it had been six years since we lost Nicola. Life is getting better. In July 2013, he welcomed a girl to his family. All of this happened without any planning, but it’s all part of life. We must try our best.”

After getting to know each other better, the duo got married in 2019. Alex and Dan met for the first time through a friend. She was running a marathon for a charity event that one of our associates had organized.

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