Chilling Footage Reveals Nikolas Cruz Sitting At McDonald’s With Parkland Scholar Moments After Taking Pictures His Sister

Chilling Footage Reveals Nikolas Cruz Sitting At McDonald’s With Parkland Scholar Moments After Taking Pictures His Sister

Nikolas Cruz is currently being sentencing. Cruz, 23 years old, is the suspect gunman at the 2018 Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school shooting photos. New footage from that day shows that the alleged gunman went straight to McDonald’s after the massacre.

The jury was shown video of Cruz eating at McDonald’s on the fourth day in the defendant’s sentencing trials. It was taken by John Wilford. Cruz used the massacre to kill Madeline Wilford’s brother Wilford.

Nikolas Cruz will be sentenced individually to life imprisonment or the death penalty upon the completion of the trial. This is expected to take many months.

Nikolas Cruz was just 19 when he entered Parkland High School, Florida on February 14, 2018. He had an AR-15 and several magazines. He was found guilty of attacking college workers and killing 17 people and injuring another 17.

After the attack, Nikolas Cruz was seen at McDonald’s

Nikolas Cruz managed to escape the location of the crime by pretending to be one of many other school students. He was not aware that he was the shooter.

On surveillance video, Cruz was seen first visiting a Subway nearby and buying a drink at the counter. This happened much sooner than leaving the faculty with his mob. He then went to McDonald’s, where Madeline Wilford’s brother was seated.

Cruz allegedly interacted informally with Stoneman Douglas college students who were evacuated from the fast food establishment. Wilford said that Cruz approached him casually and asked if he would like to visit.

Wilford said that Cruz asked him to visit, but he declined because he wanted to help his sister. According to Wilford, quite a few children had gone to McDonald’s in order to reassemble after the attack.

Cruz confessed to being involved in the October massacre. In the persevering with hearing, several victims and their families testified in his direction.

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