Masterpieces Guide Lost Ark – Where To Turn Them In?


Lost Ark a fantastic MMORPG that any participant can enjoy. There are many tasks, quests, Dungeon Raids and other activities that MMORPG players will be taking part in. One of these goals will be accumulating Masterpieces. Masterpieces can be Collectible devices within the game that players should be acquiring as soon as possible. Why? It’s because it’s possible that you’ll receive early recreation rewards that will make it easier for you to progress through the game. In this information, I will show you where you can Turn In the Masterpieces you have just collected in Lost Ark.

Where to Turn in the Masterpieces of Lost Ark

Masterpieces can be found in Lost Ark. It’s possible that you will collect a Masterpiece and trade it with the Alfons Vedice NPC. You can reward him with Masterpieces and handsome rewards. You can get Soul on Sunflowers Island, Rune Val, Potions, and additional. The recreation includes all of 52 Masterpieces. Here’s how you can get them.

Masterpiece Acquisition

First set of 10 masterpieces

  • 1st – Complete the Artist In Residence Quest on Sunflower Island.
  • 2nd – Exchanged with Stronghold MerchantIllayne for 4,275 Raid Seal.
  • third – Get 30 Islands Tokens.
  • 4th – Halfway Completion for the Adventure Tome at East Luterra.
  • Fifth – 50% Completion to the Adventure Tome at Tortoyk.
  • Sixth – Halfway to the Adventure Tome at Anikka.
  • Seventh – Halfway to the Adventure Tome at North Vern.
  • eighth – 40% Completion of the Activity Tome , Shushire.
  • Nineteenth – Complete the reputation requirement of Una’s Task The Cursed Ruins at Ozhorn Hill.
  • tenth – Complete Reputation requirement from Una’s task Running the Port at Wavestrand port.

Second set of 10 masterpieces

  • eleventh – Get 30 World Tree Leaves.
  • twelfth – Exchanged with Navigation Rosa in Blackfang’s Den to 3600 Gienah’s Currency.
  • 13th – Completion of the Pain to Gain Quest Liebeheim
  • 14th – Obtained from any Cube.
  • fifteenth – Obtained from any Boss Rush.
  • sixteenth – Obtained from any Chaos Secret Gate map.
  • Seventeenth – Obtained by attending Floor 25, Shadespireilvl 44 required.
  • 18th – Complete Reputation requirement from Una’s Task Prisoner Release Kalthertz.
  • nineteenth – Complete the Reputation requirement from Una’s Task An Archaeologist’s Request on Freedom Isle.
  • twentieth – Exchanged with Favreau to get 3,300 Gienah’s Coin on Starlight Isle.

Lost Ark Third Set of 10 Masterpieces

  • Twenty-first – Get 9 Giants’ Hearts.
  • Twenty second – Get 55 Islands Tokens.
  • Twenty-third – Get 30- Sea Bounties.
  • Twenty fourth – Obtained from any Cube.
  • Twenty fifth – Obtained from any Boss Rush.
  • Twenty sixth – Obtained from Yorn’s Chaos Secret Gate Map and larger.
  • Twenty seventh – Exchanged with Exploring Ship for 10,000 Piracy Coins
  • Twenty eighth – Complete Reputation requirement from Una’s Task Fermata’s True Manager at Cradle for the Sea Fermata.
  • Twenty ninth – Get Calvasus’s Rapport on the Trusted stage.
  • thirtieth 40% Completion of the Advent Tome in Rohendel

Fourth set of 10 masterpieces

  • Thirty-first – 40 Completion from the Adventure Tome (Yorn.
  • Thirty second – Get 95 Mokoko Seeds.
  • Thirty-third – Get 11 Giants’ Hearts.
  • Thirty fourth – Exchanged with Atropos Black Merchant to 30,000 pirate coins.
  • Thirty fifth – Obtained from any Boss Rush.
  • Thirty-sixth – Obtained from Elite Cube, or larger.
  • Thirty seventh – 40 Percent Completion for the Adventure Tome at Feiton.
  • Thirty eighth – Get 75 Islands Tokens.
  • Thirty-ninth – Get 38 Sea Bounties.
  • fortieth – Obtained by Elite Cube, or larger.

Last set of masterpieces from Lost Ark

  • 40th – Obtained by any Boss Rush.
  • Forty second – Obtained from Feiton’s Chaos Secret Gate Map and larger.
  • Forty-third – 40 Completion from the Adventure Tome at Punika.
  • Forty fourth – Get 1150 Mokoko seeds.
  • Forty fifth – Obtained from Dimension Cube.
  • Forty sixth – Obtained from Hall of the Sun Boss Rush.
  • Forty seventh – Obtained from Punika’s Chaos Secret Gate Map and larger.
  • Forty eighth – Complete Reputation requirements of Una’s Task A Relaxing Hot Springs Par-time Job at Starsand Beach.
  • Forty ninth – 60% Completion from the Adventure Tome at South Vern.
  • fiftieth: Complete the Reputation requirements of Una’s Task Unfinished Journey at Candaria Estate South Vern.
  • 51st – Obtained from South Vern’s Chaos Secret Gate Map.
  • 52nd – Neria’s Rapport to Trusted stage.

All this was about the Lost Ark location to Turn In the Masterpieces. This information should have been helpful. You might also consider our other guides, such as How to Get More Ships Lost Ark.

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