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Emma Chamberlain is a popular YouTuber, who joined the vloggers’ group in 2017 and has since gained an astounding number of followers and subscribers across every social platform. What brought her to the forefront of fashion? How did she achieve this popularity in only a year? Let’s look for more details about Emma Chamberlain’s personal life with her incredibly successful parents and dad in addition to her schooling and interests.

Family and early life

Emma Francis Chamberlain was born on May 22, 2001, located in San Carlos, California USA she was the only teenager to her dad, Michael Chamberlain who’s a famous oil painter. Nevertheless, her mother’s name, title and profession are not known. Emma’s parents divorced when she was a young teenager, and since then her father was living on his own without a partner and is seemingly content working. Michael has painted for a living for a few years and his family has had to endure a lot of events, and not have enough money to even go out for basic and inexpensive entertainment similar to a film or restaurant. However, the Chamberlains have been exceptionally supportive of one another and successfully overcame any challenges by sticking to their mission and their inner their own voice.

Michael is known for quite a few of his paintings of the scenic sights of California that resemble the frequently everyday scenes of his home in the San Francisco Bay Area they currently reside: crossroads, streets and surfers, beaches oceans and more. He is attracted to his daughter Emma often or totally different women who drink espresso in honour of his daughter, who is a fan of the drink. The people who follow him on Instagram write encouraging comments when they view his pictures. In the second, he has more than 126,000 followers following his Instagram account. He also has the YouTube channel he launched in 2012, where he’s posted over 200 motion images and has admitted that he’s happier with them than the number of followers.. Additionally, he is a member on Patreon where he gathers donations to create more motion images and to make them more frequently. The people who decide into patrons for his service get access to his offers which aren’t available through YouTube.

He started playing the guitar around seven years old but wasn’t a fan of the instrument. He often collaborates with his daughter to create a unison video that shows as an example how they play a “banana” gentle on definitely one of his partitions. He has accumulated over 150,000 followers to his channel on YouTube.

Emma confesses that her mom and dad are the primary fashion icons for her, and have given the best impression of her life. She could also be extremely close to all of them. Emma enjoys music and an interest in photography with her father and she loves shopping with her mother.


Emma went to Notre Dame High School in Belmont which is an unconstrained Catholic school for girls with no gender restrictions; Emma never ever wanted to attend school there, and her last year at school was so difficult that she developed severe depression and felt completely overwhelmed with school spherical three times a week as well as skipping several classes. One day before she was due to complete another academic year she was unable to pass the test for driving which was the straw that broke the camel’s back again. Emma decided to leave her school and her father subsequently was supportive of her decision and even assisted her to change to YouTube. But, Emma nonetheless has some great memories of her university time; she remarked that her most loved subjects were the subjects of Biology and Science however she was adamant about classes in English classes. She recollects many negative things she experienced at her school, and has tensions with her lecturers, but could not pinpoint the cause for this. When asked about her favourite teacher, she tried to stay from answering by saying that they’d been excellent, but she could not find the best way to tell her story with them in a way that was effective.

It is said that she was hated and often bullied. Reminiscing about her experiences in high school, Emma gives suggestions to her younger self: ‘You won’t regret ever being compassionate’. Emma says she made an effort to be well-mannered and compassionate in every challenging situation she found herself in.

Beginning a YouTube channel began a life-saving opportunity for her. Videos helped her overcome her depression. She went full-time vlogging day after day following the help of her father in helping in the making of her debut video.

YouTube’s success

Although Emma launched her channel on YouTube in the year 2016 It took her 12 months to post her first video, commonly referred to “City Inspired Summer Lookbook 2017” It became in fashion in a matter of minutes. The video is packed with enhancement strategies and motion results but Emma seems very pure in it and seems to draw the attention of viewers. Her hair doesn’t look perfect and appears natural, messy and wavy. she isn’t concerned about her pores skin imperfections, and isn’t trying to conceal them with a lot of makeup. Perhaps that’s the secret to her success: she isn’t trying to be a different person. She’s she is just herself and is an unassuming “chatterbox that screams in a focused manner about her daily day routine and life.

She’s shared a number of vlogs with diverse content material such as travel, well-being routine, weight loss vegetarian programs, vogue, and classes and DIY. It was clear that she didn’t need to do any specific thing in her videos, but simply created content materials that could quite well attract attention from unusual girls her age and was evidently her main goal to viewers. Soon after, her motion images received a lot of attention, and she has accounts were on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube are a plethora of hundreds of followers – her Instagram page has more than 6.6 million followers. her YouTube channel has nearly seven million followers, and more than two million of us follow the account on Instagram.

It’s also worth noting that she has re-launched YouTube after the first one was not a good fit for Emma’s concepts – today you can’t find these videos, however, they still make her embarrassing.

Hobbies, exact information about life details and pursuits

Living in all over the San Francisco Bay Area, Emma is a star in her own right while joking about doing nothing for an income. She is of the opinion that she hasn’t gained any experience, however, she would like to become a skilled singer or dancer, but she’s not great at all of them.

She is a fan of music from the Fifties and the 1960s and loves listen to music by music from the Beatles, Elton John and other old-school performers. She prefers alternative music over modern styles. While in middle school, she used to perform the violin. Emma is a vegetarian and encourages her followers to adopt an organic or vegan diet. Her favourite food is sushi made by vegetarians and her favourite drink is coffee, despite committing that she will cut down on the amount she consumes daily. Drinking up liters of coffee, Emma still has naps throughout the day, and says it is her favorite pastime. Emma also confesses that she’s obsessed with making and editing her videos while exercising, and also enjoying cooking. Emma has mentioned in a number of the videos she enjoys sporting events that are competitive. She’s tried taekwondo, swimming gymnastics, cheerleading and many more, and she was a huge fan of cross country in school.

If she had to describe herself in one paragraph, Emma believes it might be: “When I set myself a goal and I commit to it, I will not quit until I have what I would like’. Emma is a lover of all animals and would rather have canines to cats. She is a cat lover, but she also likes to spend more time with her dog. Emma claims she has vermiphobia because she has the top spot in the world of caterpillars.

Emma is sometimes plagued by excessive thinking. She has a terrible time learning and only has one thing she learned that she enjoyed the most – “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” by Pseudonymous Bosch.

Boyfriends and relationships

Emma admits that she doesn’t take dates often because she believes they are boring. In her mind, when she thinks of a wonderful date Emma envisions one thing quite similar to swimming across the waters at two a.m. She claims she hasn’t had a great amount of experience with boyfriends as she is too young to be able to make such claims however she’s looking for someone to be able to connect with, someone who is likely to have the capacity to discern and understand her. She says she has only one relationship in the fifth grade.

There’s also talk of being in a having a relationship in a relationship with Ethan Dolan in the meanwhile. Dolan as well as Dolan are part of “Sister Squad”, a YouTube group of vloggers that work together.


Emma Chamberlain is 5ft 4ins (1.63 m) tall. Her eyes are blue and light. her pores and pores are clear and her skin are also sometimes bronzed. She doesn’t apply any makeup and keeps her hair style messy and easy. Her hair was generally blonde, but at some point, she chose to go for darker shades which she dyed dark brown. Her mother was not happy with the shade and joked about her daughter’s choice in one of Emma’s video blogs. Her style of dressing could be described as casual. She is a fan of tools and wears a variety of clothes at the same at the same time. Recently, she had her nostril punctured.

Other companies

Emma is a seller of merchandise where she sells hoodies along with her own quotes. When she first launched her new merch hoodies to celebrate St.Valentine’s Day on her Instagram account, they were sold out in less than four days. Additionally, she earns money through advertisements via the Instagram account.

Net Worth

Emma’s net worth is reported by reliable sources to be more than $3 million. That’s pretty impressive for the effort put in by someone who regards herself to be an inexperienced person!

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