Anna Chlumsky Husband, Net Worth, Age, Kids, Daughters, Family

Anna Chlumsky Husband, Net Worth, Age, Kids, Daughters, Family

Anna Chlumsky Husband, #Net Worth, Age, Kids, #Daughters, Family::

Who is Anna Chlumsky?

Anna Chlumsky is an American actress who is best known for her role as Macaulay Culkin’s girlfriend Vada in the movie “My Girl” and Amy Brookheimer on the HBO TV show “Veep.”

The Early Life of Anna Chlumsky

The actress was born the 3rd of December on the 3rd of December, 1980, in Chicago, Illinois, as Anna Maria Chlumsky.

His father works as a chef teacher for Kendall College, Chicago, and his mother of her is a performer and an ex-airline attendant.

Anna made her debut in an advertisement in print when she was the age of ten months and her first commercial was at the age of 2 years of age.

Chlumsky had her Hollywood debut at the age of eleven in My Girl, a comedy-drama film written and directed by Howard Zieff, in which she played opposite Macaulay Culkin.

My Girl grossed over $121 million at the box office. The sequel to the film, My Girl 2, was released in 1994, and Chlumsky was also in the role.

In the aftermath of My Girl 2, Chlumsky was featured in a variety of films and television shows – Trading Mom, Early Edition as well as A Child’s Wish.

Between 1998 and 2005 Anna had a short break from acting in order to go to college. She was a student in an acting program at the University of Chicago. Anna was also trained with The Atlantic Acting School in Manhattan.

The year 2005 was the time Chlumsky appeared as Care for the film Wait.


From 2012 until the year 2012 Anna was the character of Amy Brookheimer in the TV show Veep. She played the vice chief of staff of the president. The show was developed by Armando Iannucci.

Chlumsky received six nominations for the Emmy for her performance in Veep.

“People began to recognize me on the streets because of Veep instead of some stupid thing I had done at the age of 10 years old,” Anna told Elle.

Broadway debut

In 2015 the actress made her Broadway debut in the musical comedy The One You Don’t Want to Let It With You.

This production was directed and produced by Scott Ellis.

Anna played Alice Sycamore. She was in the role with Byron Jennings, Richard Thomas, Kristine Nielsen, James Earl Jones, and Annaleigh Ashford.

“It simply feels like it’s absolutely the best thing to do,” Anna said in February 2015 to ET Online..

The year 2015 was the one in which Chlumsky was awarded an award called the Gracie Allen Award.

She starred in “Halt as well as the Catch Fire’s” fourth and final season.

“Anna has brought a wealth of personal experience and a strong desire to the job,” said Christopher C. Rogers, the executive producer, and creator for Halt and Catch Fire, the AMC show Halt and Catch Fire. “From the first day on the set, Anna has brought an incredible new enthusiasm for the series.”

Inventing Anna

The year 2022 was the first time Anna is a part of the 2022 film “Inventing Anna,” in which she is Vivian Kent, an ambitious reporter who attempts to save her career. Kent plays a fictional representation of the real-life reporter Jessica Pressler “because she is the creator of the story that the whole show is the basis.”

“Inventing Anna” mini-series is a fictitious story of the development and demise of Anna Delvey (Anna Sorokin) who was a Russian-born con artist who swindled New York’s social elite.

Anna Sorokin adopted an alias and claimed to be Anna Sorokin forged an alias and claimed to be a German Heiress. The series follows Anna’s fraudulent activities and the investigation into Anna’s crimes, supervised by journalist Jessica Pressler.

“The entire production is inspired by an article within New York Magazine that’s by Jessica Pressler, and we very closely matched the content closely, even though we created my character. I play a character called Vivian Kent, who was inspired by Jessica,” Chlumsky explained to the anchor for Good Morning America.

“Jessica’s co-producing the show, which means we got her support every step of the process,” she added.

Husband Kids

In March 2008 Anna Chlumsky married Shaun So, founder and CEO of The So Company. Shaun was also a soldier in Afghanistan.

“Shaun’s family members are Chinese and mine are Catholic,” Chlumsky said before the wedding.

The couple got engaged in the month of October.

“We’d been in 2000 when we met in the University of Chicago at a unique dance party held on the quad.” her essay was published in Glamour in October 2014.

They have two kids The couple has two children Clara Elizabeth and Penelope Joan So.

“Motherhood transforms the way we live,” she said.

In a separate interview, Anna stated that she would like to see her daughters will not be interested in acting at a young age.

Anna Chlumsky – Net Worth

Chlumsky made the majority of her fortune from her performances in 45 TV shows and podcasts, as well as short films and movies which include her roles in Hannibal, Rugrats, 64th Man, Miracle in the Woods, A Child’s Wish, Lights Out, Veep, Inventing Anna, The Good Guy, Robot Chicken, My Sweet Misery, and My Girl.

Anna also appeared on Broadway as well as worked for HarperCollins as well as the Zagat Survey.

Thus, Anna Chlumsky has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

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