Who Is Portia Odufuwa? Dallas Love Field Airport Shooting Suspect Identified

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Police shot a woman after she opened fire at the Dallas Love Field Airport at 11:11 a.m. on Monday, July 25, 2022. Police revealed that the woman was a 37-year-old named Portia Obuwa.

After further investigation and clearance, the incident has caused flight operations at Love Field to be suspended. Passengers are asked to avoid the airport while they wait for the situation to resolve.

TikTok Kia Challenge Video Gone Viral: Alissa Smart Became Victim Of Dangerous Trend
Dallas Love Field Airport shooting(Image SOurce: Foxnews.com)

Who Is Portia Odufuwa? Dallas Love Field Airport Shooting Suspect Identified

Portia Odufuwa, a 37-year-old lady, fired many gunshots at Dallas’ Love Field Airport on Monday, July 25, 2022. In accordance with authorities, however, an officer shot and injured her sooner than anyone else.

Odufuwa admitted to one aspect of her marriage earlier than she was able to fire random photos at the ceiling. Witnesses say that the woman admitted that her husband was dishonest and that she was indignant. She also said that she would “blow him up.”

Max Geron, Rockwall Chief Police Officer, was at the TSA Security Line and heard many photos being taken near a ticket counter. The lady, who was dropped off at the airport around 11 AM, took 12 photos. The lady then entered the bathroom and walked in front of the ticketing counters.

She returned from the bathroom with a sweatshirt she had not worn since arriving, a gun in her hand, and pointed it at the ceiling.

Portia Odufuwa Age Wiki Bio

Police have recognized Portia Odufuwa, 37 years old, as the woman who took the photos at Dallas’ Love Field Airport Airport on Monday.

The suspect should not be given too many details. The authorities have not revealed anything except her name and age.

It has been confirmed that Odufuwa was married, and her husband was dishonest about her. You could hear her screaming out that she is going to kill her husband. A policeman arrived on the scene and shot her, stopping further injuries.

According to the police, Portia is in a safe state of affairs and is not at risk. She will be sentenced to jail for the crime she committed.

Portia Odufuwa Mugshot

An old mugshot of Portia Obuwa is currently being circulated on the internet. It appears she is the same lady who robbed an establishment of money in 2019.

According to the Dallas Police Department, Portia is the same lady that robbed a bank in 2019. After the incident at Dallas’ Love Field Airport, a picture of the lady went viral.

This isn’t the first incident at Dallas’ Love Field Airport. A police officer injured and shot a man outside the airport in 2016. After beating his ex-girlfriend with a web guest cone, the man was reportedly left with large landscaping rocks in his hands.

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