Who Is Officer Brooks Of Atlanta PD? Actress Angel Guice Assaulted And Arrested With Excessive Force


Atlanta’s Angel Guice, an extensively known actress and director was subjected to abuse at the hands of an officer of the police.

In light of the events the night before, Angel Guice has an amazing opportunity to express his anger. A fight over the Atlanta police officer turned into violence.

Who is Officer Brooks of Atlanta Police Officer from the Angel Guice Video Arrest?

The actress Angel Guice, who’s from California was taken into custody by Brooks, an unidentified policeman disguised as a.

A local police officer arrested the actress after she resisted arrest and refused to sign a citation according to the actress’s cousin, foxii roxcii, who declared the incident in the form of an Instagram video.

The Atlanta Police Department continues to determine how they can solve the problem. However, the police search hasn’t disclosed the name for the cop.

The person who is suffering, Angel, is energetic on social media, too, as she has 18.3k followers under the deal with the handle @angelguice.

After finishing his high school studies with Booker T. Washington, Guice is enrolled at Talladega College to pursue enterprise management.

What was the reason Angel Guice Was Getting Arrested? There are claims that an officer is abusing the Authority

At the time of the incident, Angel Guice was in a park in Atlanta. Angel as well as her pal weren’t aware that one day, they were not allowed in the park.

In the park, Officer Brooks who is from the Atlanta Police Department approached Guice as well as her partner. Guice and her companion received an eviction notice from the officer and had often been asked to sign them.

The actress completed her citation and asked Officer Brooks for the badge number. The officer was furious and he began to hit the woman violently while claiming in the film that she was held.

Angel Guice was consequently bodily attacked by the police officer who was threatening to put her in a chokehold when she was pushed down to her bottom.

When she assures the officer that she will comply and take the ticket Angel is crying and shouts. The officer tells her that it’s too late. Brooks to tell her that she’s “too too late.”

Actress Angel Guice, aka Agape’s family, Inquires Atlanta for an explanation from the police department

A woman is confirmed to have been detained by an officer from the police department in a viral social media video when she pleads with him to justify his actions.

With the help of Foxii Roxcii woman uploaded the video to social media.

The incident that took place at an Atlanta park on the night of yesterday is under investigation by Angel Guice and her family.

Do we have the right to question our rights while no fear of having our own egos take over? Why was a taser swathed out?

What was the reason she was being interrogated by a male police officer? What is the role of police officers to protect and serve? What kind of steering does this represent? Get these officers off the street immediately! The article was written by Foxii.

The officer is a part of the Atlanta Police Department, according to Foxii. An accurate statement hasn’t however been issued from officials from the Atlanta Police Department.

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