Who Is Lydia From Timcast IRL? Sourpatchlyds Prisoner Comments Backlash On Reddit And Twitter

Who Is Lydia From Timcast IRL? Sourpatchlyds Prisoner Comments Backlash On Reddit And Twitter

American filmmaker, producer, and creator Lydia Smith only currently provided data that can be attributed to her claim on prisoners.

Smith uses the Twitter account @sourpatchlyds to share his thoughts on current events.

She hosts the “Timcast IRL podcast” on Amazon Music. The current invites viewers to join her in the studio for a conversation about a variety of topics, including politics, customs, business, and others.

Who is Lydia from Timcast IRL Wikipedia Facts

Lydia Smith, creator of Timcast IRL is an American actress and author.

She has been involved in many fascinating ventures during her career. Some of her most well-known credit scores include Timcast IRL and Freedom Toons.

Smith starts her occupation in 2020 due to the hots, creator and producer of Timcast IRL. She or he soon reaches cloud 9! Through the 237 episodes of current, Smith has taken on a variety of extreme subjects.

Pop Culture Crisis, her second-best program by recognition, is on the other hand. It draws viewers step-by-step and becomes their favourite common tradition program. The YouTube channel/current focuses primarily on enterprise scandals, fusses, and discusses them in firm.

After a series of court docket docket appearances by the Flash actor, the current has addressed data related to Ezra Miller’s possible DC movie roles. His violent behavior has led to the Flash actor being detained several times.

Rolling Stone reported how the Snyder scale back movement had been influenced by Twitter bots. The Pop Culture Crisis also addressed the topic that led to online chaos.

Reddit and Twitter Backlash on Sourpatchlyd Prisoner Comments

Lydia Smith has always had one thing to say about any topic on social media. She often discusses and tries to cover as much flooring as possible by tweeting her thoughts.

People take offense at her ideas and don’t understand them. This is because each person has a unique cognitive style and functionality that allows for important thought.

More importantly, she made a harsh and inhumane comment on a post about inmates, which was not well received by social media prospects.

Reddit and Twitter both condemn her statements. After hearing her remarks about prisoners and getting upset, many people demand an apology. Despite much criticism, her comment was still deleted.

A person may discover their preferred coworker by simply looking at them. Lydia Smith experienced the same feeling as her affiliate when she co-produced the program.

Andy Leitermann and she exchanged vows on April 29, 2022. One charming fact is that Andy is co-producer of the Timcast IRL program with Pop Culture Crisis, Green Room and Green Room. She and Andy worked together in every way possible.

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