Who Is Ivory Green? Missing Case Update, Help Post On Facebook


Ivory Green’s disappearance case is now more catching attention after Ivory’s mother decided to find out what happened to her daughter in twenty years.

Shirlette Green believes that anyone who is aware of the tragic events that occurred to her daughter Ivory, will be able to help her get closure.

Ivory’s mother fled to the United States, but distance and time don’t stop her from struggling.

She wants to meet the one who is acutely aware of what happened to her daughter.

Who is Ivory Green?

Ivory Francis Green could have been born 36 years ago. Green was born on October 27, 1986.

At the time of her disappearance, she was only 17 years old. Francis has never returned to her home since then.

Since March 6, 2004, Green has not been seen or heard of in Utica. Although her case has been missing for nearly 20 years, it is still not cold.

Ivory is a black female with brown eyes and dark hair. She is African American and belongs to the black race.

The final weight of the missing woman was 110 kilos. She was also tall at 11 inches and had 4 toes.

Ivory also has an H-shaped mark on her shoulders and a mole above her overly large lips.

Ivory Green Missing Update

Ivory Green’s disappearance case dates back almost twenty years. The case is almost twenty years old, but the family and police are still hopeful and searching for the missing teenager.

Ivory Green vanished 18 years ago from the City in Utica on Sunday, March 6th 2004.

Utica Police continue to search for information about Green’s disappearance and are actively seeking out any leads.

According to police, they have taken up more than 325 leads. The officers claim that the latest data is regularly analyzed as thoroughly as humanly possible.

Ivory’s case is currently being handled by an investigator from Utica Police Department as well as the Oneida County District Attorney’s Office.

All of them claim that they have given everything to their family.

The authorities are still asking for help in solving the case. They do their best to locate and give Ivory to her father and mother.

Help Post for Ivory Green on Facebook

Mounted help posts on Facebook and other social media sites have not caused the missing case of Ivory Green to become chilly.

People have been paying attention to the case. People are also trying to find Ivory and return her to her home.

The Tiktokers also discussed the disappearance and help to reveal the details of Ivory Green’s disappearance.

The case involves everyone, including Ivory’s entire family and the police. Despite the fact that Ivory has been missing for twenty years, people are hopeful that she will be found.

Wikipedia and Bio: Ivory Green

Ivory Green’s profile will not be available on the media, despite her missing case being a consideration for most people.

A report states that Ivory used the rebellious half to get his drugs and was hung with quite a few native drug sellers.

Ivory, on the other hand, had no previous history of drug use.

Ivory left Washington Courts around 4:00 p.m. on March 6, 2004.

Later that day, she called her mother to inform her that she was coming home for dinner. Ivory was never again allowed to stay here.

Ivory’s mother reported the case to police.

According to Ivory’s mother, it was strange for her to lose connection with her family and other family members.

FBI agents believed Green was ineffective at 17 because she had robbed narcotics money from her cousin.

Ivory Green Family

Ivory Green was an adolescent that grabbed our attention after she vanished abruptly. There are not many details about Ivory online.

Shirlette Green was her mother when Ivory was born on October 27, 1986. Unfortunately, her father’s identity is not available.

Shirlette was the first to report the missing case of her daughter to the police. Inexperienced’s mother has been relentless in her search for her daughter since the disappearance.

Plummer Reed Jr., a distant relative, called her mother two months after Ivory disappeared and promised to tell her.

Plummer Reed was however shot three times in the head while on the phone, reducing his dialogue quicker than he would have liked.

Plummer Reed survived and his cousin Benji D. Reed was accused of trying kill him.

Plummer was shot and denied that she had any information about Ivory’s disappearance. For a number of years, the Utica Police Department referred to her case as a ran away.

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