Who Is Felicia Taylor? Former CNN Anchor Allegedly Hit And Ran After Being Jailed


Felicia Taylor What is her name? Former CNN anchors allegedly assaulted and ran from jail after being convicted

Felicia Taylor, who was a former CNN anchor who was not long back and was detained at Palm Beach on suspicion of hitting and running. Taylor was arrested on July 28, after the vehicle, she was driving hit another and injured the driver and then fled at the site of the accident according to Palm Beach Police.

The former reporter reportedly denied the claims, but according to official reports, Taylor collided with one other vehicle while being stopped. According to the statement Page Six obtained:

“The white Mercedes struck his vehicle from behind. Many accidents were reported as a result of him putting the steering wheel in the event of the collision.

The report states that Taylor had been seen leaving the site of the crash within the Mercedes “without stopping to offer aid or provide information.” Taylor was reported to be driving by the crash site at least twice without stopping, according to officers.

Taylor is alleged to have claimed that she didn’t stop at an accident scene crash due to the fact that she didn’t think “there was anything to be concerned about” and that she “wanted the injuries of the other driver to be proven.”

The star of the television show was stopped just after the crash by a cop, who stated that Taylor admitted to having been involved in the incident as well as that “the other motorist was ‘fine’.” The anchor was able to return to his home, the officer said that the incident it was “not a huge issue.”

“Taylor initially claimed she was at a restaurant located on Worth Avenue sooner than altering her claim to state she was at a location in the Royal Poinciana Plaza. There were no eateries that note of Taylor is a regular patron can be located.
She also admitted that she was arriving via The Colony Hotel, nonetheless, she didn’t comment when staff members informed her that the hotel was closed.

Taylor in addition clarified that she was not drinking and driving and was not taking any prescription substances. The policeman also stated that there was no alcohol in the anchor’s earlier interview.

In addition, Page Six talked about how the injured driver received medical attention at the scene of the accident for the head, jaw neck, and further pain. Felicia Taylor was determined to be safe during the current medical exam.

According to reports, Taylor was arrested at the Palm Beach County Jail and accused of dangerous driving as well as fleeing from the site of an accident that injured her. Taylor initially signed a not responsible plea to the costs and was released with a bail of $3,000.

The police took Taylor’s car and found the white wine bottle in the as per the authorities. According to reports that this bottle contained “three-quarters full” and it was “three-quarters full” of the “silver thermos” that held an “unknown alcoholic beverage.”

According to the officers, each drink was placed “out of the reach of the driver” and placed behind the seat of the driver.

The former American anchor Felicia Taylor worked as a reporter for World Business Today on CNN International. Her name is well-known for being she was the co-host of the former retirement living TV’s Daily Cafe in addition to her work on the CNN Business Updates part.

On the 28th of August the year, 1964 Taylor was born to the well-known actor Rod Taylor and his second partner, a fashion model known as Mary Hilem. Taylor had been adopted by the mother’s former partner, Arthur Rubloff after her parents divorced.

Following the death of Rubloff, Hilem wed the developer of the property Lewis M. Schott, who also welcomed Taylor as a member of his family. While at Northwestern University, the earlier anchor was awarded the Bachelor of Arts diploma.

Prior to her first assignment as a Saturday anchor at WNBC-TV from 1998 onwards, she previously worked in London as a correspondent for Financial Times TV. Felicia Taylor began her work as an anchor for enterprise data and as a reporter to CNBC in 2006 following her departure from her position at WNBC.

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