Who Is Dominique Geisendorff? All About Cam Gigandet’s Spouse As She Information For Divorce From Twilight Star

Who Is Dominique Geisendorff? All About Cam Gigandet’s Spouse As She Information For Divorce From Twilight Star

In the midst of 13 years of union, Cam Gigandet and Dominique Nicole Geisendorff are divorced. On August 1, Dominique, 37, filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable disagreements as the reason behind the split.

The courtroom records say that the split occurred in May. Dominique has asked the courtroom to block Cam 39, who is 39, from seeking financial aid from her, and may be seeking spousal support. Dominique is also seeking the joint custody rights of three kids.

The undisputed truth the fact that Cam and Dominique appear to not be watching each other on social media ought to be discussed at this point. Except for two family photos in which they’re seen with their children in winter gear and standing in front of a tree Dominique has also erased everything about her husband’s ex.

Who is Dominique Geisendorff? Everything you need to know about Cam Gigandet’s wife in the event that she files to divorce her Twilight Star

Dominique Nicole Geisendorff who was born on the 1st of November, 1984 in New Orleans, Louisiana, initially worked as a waitress before becoming an actress. The 2007 film Beneath the Surface, she did a appearance.

She came to be famous as the spouse of Cam Gigandet. The estimated $3 million net worth is not that high. Their main source of income is her work as an actor.

After two years of courting, Cam and Dominique obtained their wedding in 2008. Everleigh Ray Their first teenager was born at the beginning of April in 2009. Their first son, Rekker Radley, was born in January of 2013, and their second child, Armie Heartly, was born in November of 2015.

In the year 2018, Dominique revealed on Facebook that she as well as Cam never celebrated their anniversary or Valentine’s Day. In her post, she said,

In nonpermanent, about Cam Gigandet

in 2003 Cam Gigandet made his television debut on the CBS prison drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. In the following years, he made guest appearances on a variety of television shows, including Jack and Bobby, The O.C. as well as The Young and the Restless.

Following a reward for his performance in the 2007 motion picture Never Back Down, Gigandet was picked to be the character James in the Twilight series. After that, he was a guest for the part in The Unborn, a 2008 horror film, as well as Pandorum the 2009 science thriller.

In totally different footage of movement together with The Roommate, Easy A, The Experiment, Burlesque, Trespass, and Priest, The actor made an appearance.

Their most modern style of his was in Michael B. Jordan’s Michael B. Jordan film Without Remorse.

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