Who Is David Jakubonis? Lee Zeldin’s Attacker Is A Medal-Winning Army Vet With Psychological Well-Being Points


NEW YORK’S FAIRPORT: for his role in the assault upon Congressman Lee Zeldin via a marketing campaign advertising at Perinton on the evening of July 21 in Fairport, New York, an individual was accused of assault. The incident occurred in New York State, Zeldin is the candidate of the Republican Party for governor. In the early hours of Friday morning, Fairport residents David Jakubonis, 43, was identified as the victim of the assault. The accused was charged with second-degree attempted assault.

Before pulling out knives, the suspect “wrestled” in a fight with Zeldin for a short period of time in the wake of WROC. The two were seen falling to the bottom of the earth following the incident. The individual was seen grabbing Zeldin’s arms in a viral video posted on Twitter as a response to the Associated Press. After a quick fight, a variety of spectators were able to disarm the man and held his body using zip ties used from marketing campaign posters in the wake of WHEC-TV. At the time of the attack, the suspect was dressed in sunglasses, a cap in black as well as a t-shirt and black shorts.

Republican campaigner Lee Zeldin is now going to the side against Kathy Hochul, the governor of New York. Prior to hitting him, Jakubonis allegedly talked about, “Okay, you’re done.” According to an old neighbor, Jakubonis, 43, from Fairport was a victim of certain psychological well-being points that were subject to an “rapid tumble” after the death of his girlfriend Candyce and his medical release in 2012. A friend of his said, “He seems to be experiencing a panic attack or some sort of. After the death of his wife gradually, he started to become distant. He’s an odd guy with social problems. He communicates and acts like a child would. Following his attack on Zeldin no one, not even his people who live nearby are shocked.

The neighbor who was previously a friend also spoke about how Jakubonis and Candyce were both avid drinkers and it shouldn’t come as unusual for him to continue to do something. In the past couple of weeks, the neighbors attempted to reach Jakubonis via Facebook but were unsuccessful. The neighbor continued to talk, “Sincerely, buddy, there was something concerning him I could not pinpoint. His manner of speaking had a distinctive high-end quality. It wasn’t that I believed that he would lose his mind, but the way he spoke didn’t seem grounded in reality. Although Jakubonis his psychological issues are evident, however, the extent of his Army service was quite impressive. Jakubonis’ brother, who was granted care of both twins following his spouse passed away.

David Jakubonis: Who is David Jakubonis?

Jakubonis was employed by the Army as Medical Laboratory Technician from the beginning of January until January 2012, when he was sent in Iraq in December of 2008 through December 2009 as a wake of Army Major Jackie Wren. He was being known throughout the duration of his deployment (E4). He further explained that his naval experience was not typical because it was packed with numerous awards. Jakubonis was recognized with an award of the Bronze Star, Army Commendation and Two Army Achievement medals, one for good conductand another for an award for good conduct. National Defense Service medal all through his career.

David was a student of medical laboratory science in George Washington University in 2007 and 2008 prior to when being drafted into the Army. He studied psychology and prison justice at the Rochester Institute of Technology from 2012 until 2014. It was a member of the RIT Veterans Club in 2014, as a reaction to his LinkedIn profile. He continues to serve as its head of morale. He was a member of the Army following the completion of his training and was employed as a medical laboratory technician from 2007 until 2012. His bio is a simple, “Hire me,” and his profile indicates that he’s in the process of seeking work.

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