Who Is Clayton Ruby’s Wife, Harriet Sachs? Here’s A Look At Their Relationship

Who Is Clayton Ruby’s Wife, Harriet Sachs? Here’s A Look At Their Relationship

The 80-year-old Clayton Charles Ruby was a well-known Canadian politician and lawyer who was buried on August 2nd 2022.

Ruby was acknowledged by his expertise in the area of constitutional and authorized legislation and rights of civil. His most notable assignments was the result of the sixty-sixth Treasurer position of the Law Society of Upper Canada which where he was unceremoniously sacked during a shock specific election.

Born to Toronto, Ontario, on February 6, 1942. Ruby developed his skills through 10 years of rigorous research into better coaching. Ruby first obtained an Associate of Arts diploma from York University in 1963 and the bachelor of Laws diploma from the Univerity of Toronto in 1969.

He was also referred to as to the bar in the same year. Ruby rounded out his education by travelling across his home in the United States and getting a understanding of Laws from the University of California, Berkeley.

The career of Ruby began in 1976 , when he began to become a part-time associate to the company of laws Ruby & Edwardh along with Marlys Edwardh. She was the first girl to utilize legalized law in Canada. It was possible to be a part of this company until the year 2008 following which he was able to become a partner to Ruby Schiller Chan Hasan, the Ruby Schiller Chan Hasan company with its headquarters within Toronto, Ontario.

It was in 2006 that Clayton Ruby grew to become a member of the Order of Canada.

Who Is Harriet Sachs? Wife Of Clayton Ruby

Clayton Ruby was married to Madam Justice Harriet Sachs of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

While their date of marriage isn’t made public, Sachs and Ruby had been married for his entire life, and Ruby is usually described as a family-oriented person who was devoted to his partner and children. They had two children and two daughters, with names like Emma and Kate and two grandkids.

One of Ruby’s two daughters Emma is part of the board of Directors and the Executive Director of SumOfUs an international non-profit organization for advocacy that strives to hold companies accountable for various environmental and human rights issues that include native climate change, workers’ rights as well as corruption, discrimination and among others.

Emma may be the author of a novel that is set within South Africa referred to as The Waterman’s daughter. It was published in the year 2011.

Prior to there was the SumofUs, Emma labored as an aide to the deputy director at Avaaz where she practiced constitutional appellate law and administrative law, as did her father, who also worked on wrongful arrest and convictions in Canada.

Emma is graduated from Wesleyan University and the University of Toronto Faculty of Law. In the meantime, she is at a period primarily located within Chicago, Illinois, the area where she lives with her partner, Jane Saks, and their daughter.

The completely different daughter, Kate Best, works as an Addictions Counsellor in Senior Level for GreeneStone Toronto, an outpatient addiction treatment clinic where she works with teens, adults as well as families.

Her graduation was from Metropolitan Preparatory Academy and adopted this as an undergraduate degree in Arts of Sociology, and Linguistics in 2007 from McGill University in 2007 and an MS of Science in Social Work from Columbia University in 2011.

What Is Clayton Ruby’s Cause Of Death?

It was reported by official sources within the family Clayton Ruby died on August 2, 2022, aged 80, due to pure cause.

Ruby’s death caused an uproar in across the Canadian licensed world because regardless of years of age Ruby seemed like he would never be able to pass away.

The description of Brian Shiller, his long-time close friend, and company partner as an massive across the legal space who remained on the edge of his sport for over 50 years. News about Ruby’s death has brought the remembrance of her and tributes across social media.Clayton Ruby Greeting the Press While being cheered on by his fans ( Source:
Thestar )

He’s remembered for being an integral part of numerous notable events.

From 1991, Ruby was a member of the licensed group the Church of Scientology used to defend itself against nine members were in court for stealing documents taken from the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General.

One of his most memorable situations was when he helped to exonerate Guy Paul Morin, who was wrongly found guilty of the rape of Christine Jessop, a girl of nine years and murder in the fall of 1984.

He is likely to be adored because of his struggle to protect the rights of LGBTQ individuals in Canada and the occasion of which was when he fought federal authorities to defend Michelle Douglas, who was removed by the Canadian Forces in 1989 for her sexual orientation.

Douglas lawsuit Douglas lawsuit was crucial in bringing about the most severe of the navy’s discriminatory safeguards to those who identify as LGBTQ+.

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Clayton Ruby Net Worth

Clayton Ruby had an estimated net worth of $5 million at the day of his death.

As a renowned lawyer in many notable cases his net worth isn’t much of a surprise and showcases his distinguished profession in a way. Ruby’s legacy is not only because of his work in the courtroom, but also outside of it and it is safe to say, his dedication to justice has paid him just as much for his legacy as any of his legal responsibilities.

Ruby remains in the lives of his beloved family, his children and grandkids and by a nation that is grateful. Ruby could be remembered and honored for many years to come for more.


  • The year is when Clayton Ruby made a Member of the Order of Canada?


  • Who defeated Clayton Ruby on the actual race for the position in the office of treasurer at the Law Society of Upper Canada?

Gavin Mackenzie

  • Who was Clayton Ruby’s Father?

His father, Clayton Ruby’s was Louis Ruby, author of Flash Weekly, a Toronto tabloid that ran from the mid Thirties through the Seventies.

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