Where Are DJ Envy Parents From? Details About His Ethnicity And Family


DJ Envy is an African-American disc jockey living and performs throughout in the United States.

DJ Envy is a disc jockey. DJ Envy is well-versed in a variety of areas, however. He also works as an editor of files and as radio host.

He has a long and storied background in web hosting and numerous reveals. Alongside Angela Yee and Charlamagne Tha God He was three hosts on The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1.

DJ Envy Ethnicity : Where are His Parents from?

DJ Envy has discussed his ethnicity in a variety of interviews. Envy spoke about how many people believe he may have been Latino, Puerto Rican, or Dominican.

However, none of them has ever been correct. The man is African descent. He said that he typically is required to inform us his race and that usually they get angry when they realize that he’s not Latino.

Although he doesn’t have Latino blood or appearance and appears like any person that could be or is from Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic, Envy claimed that his only race is African American.

The disc jockey was raised and was born in the US. He is currently within New York City, USA and holds the American passport. The father and mother of DJ Envy have launched DJ across the globe on September 3rd 1977. Mother of DJ Envy is Janet Casey. The father of DJ is an ex-police officer.

Envy has admitted when he spoke to the press that her mother was from Virginia and that his father hails from the region of Dominica. It’s often misinterpreted because of his home country of the Dominican Republic. Dominica however, is an unusual destination.

In the West Indian Island Is Dominica. His mother and dad backed the young man throughout his career and encouraged him to go after his goals. His accomplishments in the field have made his father and mom extremely happy with his achievements. He has become an extremely well-known DJ nowadays and a lot of people around the world love his music.

Who is DJ Envy’s Wife?

DJ Envy and Gia Casey have been married for some time. They have been together for a very very long time and were high school lovers. They’ve been married in 2001, the year they first decided to get married.

Participating in a variety of events in conjunction with his wife, Envy is commonly observed. The couple Casey is from Jamaican and Chinese heritage. Envy and Casey are a result of this fact of mixed ethnic and racial background.

However, details regarding DJ Envy’s affair with his wife Gia came to light in the year 2020. The DJ was in a relationship with a different person, Erica Mena. Envy apologized publicly to his spouse for an extramarital affair. A lot of his admirers were furious at his behavior.

Despite the media attention and outrage attention his infidelity scandal resulted in, the couple were successful in settling their differences and are still together as of today. The couple is more in style than ever and has offered several interviews during that they’ve spoken about the situation.

Who are DJ Envy Kids?

After welcoming their daughter Peyton to life in the year 2021 the family of DJ Envy has grown. Together with his wife, DJ Envy has a total of six children.

Madison is the oldest teen in Envy’s family currently 20 years old, is older. Madison, London, Brooklyn as well as Peyton are his four daughters. Logan as well as Jaxson are the names of his two sons.

The family currently has 8 family members and are pretty content materials. When he gets the chance, DJ Envy not at any time snoozes from posting through his online social networking channels how an amount he loves his family.

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