What Really Happened To Mark Tatum’s Face?

What Really Happened To Mark Tatum’s Face?

Mark Tatum, commonly known as “the man with no face”, was afflicted by a fungal disease that caused him to lose his eyes and nose in 2000.

Mucormycosis, an uncommon form of an infection, is caused by a fungus that lives in grime, rotting foods, bread, and dirt. Molds found in your body can cause you to become sick or even die.

What really happened to Mark Tatum’s face?

Mark Tatum was afflicted by a fungal infection in 2000. He lost his eyes, nose, and greater jaw. Although this type of infection is not uncommon, the extent of Tatum’s damage was unimaginable.

Because Tatum survived the virus, he was a medical sensation. His extraordinary experience was a reason Tatum, Maury Povich, and Ripley’s, Believe it or Not, were all prominently featured in the media.

To save Mark Tatum’s life, surgeons removed a large portion of his face after an unusual fungal infection commonly known as mucormycosis invaded his sinuses.

He might have been killed by the fungus if they didn’t gotten rid of his diseased eyes and nostrils, cheekbones, and greater jaw, as well as his nostril and cheekbones.

We didn’t initially think he would survive. Dr. Wayne is Okay. Stadelmann, a University of Louisville Medical Center plastic surgeon, confirmed the fact.

He was a courageous man who stood with thousands of people who had lost their homes and livelihoods due to fungal contamination.

After two years of surgery and 11 surgeries, Tatum was transformed into a beautiful model. In a CNN interview in 2022, Tatum, a 45-year-old citizen from Owensboro, Kentucky, said, “Look at me today.”

It was created by Zafrulla Khan (University of Louisville) who called it the most complete prosthesis he’d ever seen or heard of.

After all these medical procedures and the love of netizens, Mr. Tatum passed away on February 26, 2005, at the Medco Centre in Franklin, Kentucky.

Mark Tatum is known as “The Man Without a Face”

Mark Tatum was nicknamed The Man Without a Face because of the loss of his eyes, larger jaw and nostrils during surgery.

Mark Tatum’s sinuses were infected by an unusual fungal condition known as mucormycosis. In 2000, medical doctors wanted to take a large amount of Tatum’s face out to prevent him from losing a lot of time.

Mucormycosis, a serious but rare fungal disease, is caused by a group of molds commonly called micromycetes. These molds can be found all over the world.

Mucormycosis is most common in people who have had their points earned or who take medicine to reduce the body’s ability to resist infection and sickness.

It most often affects the sinuses and lungs after breathing in respiratory fungal spores. It may also occur after skin damage, a decrease in blood flow, or if there are completely different pores.

Nancy Tatum, Mark’s wife, believes that the steroid her husband used for one more discomfort may have compromised his immune system.

Tatum started using steroids two years ago after he suffered a fall while working as a part-time landscaper. Tatum was taken to Owensboro Mercy Health System’s emergency department on February 7, 2000, after showing signs of bewilderment.

Tatum underwent a biopsy and Dr. Khaledjoujia, an infectious disease specialist, diagnosed him with mucormycosis. Nancy Tatum confirmed Dr. Joujia’s admission that he had previously worked with five people with it.

Tatum’s nose, mouth, eyes, and ears had all been affected quickly, and the fungus was now making its way to his thoughts.

After being given a life-or-death decision, Tatum was quickly rushed to the University of Louisville Hospital. Tatum could undergo surgery to remove his eyes and nostrils, sinuses, the roof of his mouth, and his nasal passages. However, he is more likely to be kept warm until his death.

He chose the latter.

Mark Tatum, 48, Died From Mucormycosis

Mark Tatum died 48 years ago, leaving Nancy Tatum and their family in pain. After constructing workers removed partitions from his home infested by Stachybotrys Chartarum (also known as the black mould), Mark became ill with mucormycosis.

This unusual disorder is caused by a type of mold known as zygomycetes. Although they are common in the environment, they can also become opportunistic infections if conditions are favorable.

Tatum has suffered several strokes. His right side is paralyzed and he needs 15 pills every day.

Medicare and Medicaid only cover a small portion of the payments. Bill collectors continue to chase tens of thousands of dollars.

Tatum says that Tatum was saved by two things. They were nancy’s love, and a dream through which Tatum saw his granddaughter Leah reach out for his help.

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