Two Point Campus Creativity Tools Guide


Two Point Campus from Two Point Studios is a University Management Game. This recreation will have you constructing and running a prestigious institution. It is important that you use many tools in your quest to create the Best Campus within the space. The Creativity Tools are the most important set of tools you can use. These tools will make your job as Campus Manager very easy. This information will explain what Creativity tools are in Two Point Campus.

Creativity Tools Guide for Two Point Campus

Creativity Tools, a set of Tools on Two Point Campus will allow you to modify your University . It includes many actions such as inserting and modifying Buildings, Outdoors or Landscaping, and additional. According to the Devs, Two Point Hospital had restricted options for customizing buildings and other such POIs. They redesigned the system to provide us with Creativity Tools, which offer many options. Many points such as Hedges and Fences, Building Perimeters and many other. are procedurally created . This means that players can make it of any size as long as there is enough plot.

You can make Buildings by playing with your friends and have them placed wherever you want. There are many different designs that can be used to treat various spacing points. These options are not the only ones we have. We also offer the Cut Copy, Paste & Tile (Repeat), Tools. These tools make modification so much easier. These Tools allow you to make quick edits that are much easier than in other cases. To top it all, Photo Mode is available. It is likely that you will be able to share and view your Creations with others.


Participants can create their university as they wish using the Creativity Tools. Creativity is the limit of imagination. Freedom brings out Creativity. All this was about the Creativity Tools at Two Point Campus. This information should have been helpful. You can also visit our completely different guides, such as Scientography guide at Two Point Campus.

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