Ronaiah Tuiasosopo Hoax On The Centre Of Latest Netflix Docuseries With Manti Te’o

Ronaiah Tuiasosopo Hoax On The Centre Of Latest Netflix Docuseries With Manti Te’o

The story of Manti Teo, soccer star and girlfriend scammer, is now available on Netflix.

The linebacker was caught up in a catfishing hoax that had rocked soccer for a decade.

On Tuesday, July 19, Netflix released Untold as a trailer. It quickly attracted the attention of viewers who were interested in learning more about the scandal.

Netflix’s new Manti Te’o catfishing hoax

This week, Netflix released a trailer for its Untold series. Netflix has launched five episodes of the riveting sports activities documentary, and another batch will be available this summer.

Untold: The Girlfriend who Didn’t Exist will be featured in an episode that examines the catfishing scandal that revolved around spherical Manti Ti’o.

Emmy-winning brothers Chapman & Maclain Way, behind the Untold assortment, announced: “Our quantity 2 premier is The Girlfriend who Didn’t Exist. This explores the story behind Manti Teo, a faculty soccer player’s on-line romance that made headlines.

It was impossible to miss the story when it broke in 2012. But, viewers will see that the truth is much more complicated and nuanced than what we thought at the time. Manti Te’o and Ronaiah “Naya” Tuiasosopo are both incredibly kind to share their truths with our team.

We discover the truth about Ronaiah Tiasosopo’s hoax

Soccer fans were saddened to learn that Te’o had lost his grandmother in 2012. After two hours, it was revealed that the footballer’s alleged girlfriend Lennay Kekua had succumbed to leukemia.

Deadspin’s January 2013 report found that there was no evidence to prove Kekua existed. According to the outlet, Ronaiah Tiasopo was the one responsible for Kekua’s online character.

According to the publication, Kekua’s photos of Teo were taken by a Torrance woman, California woman who claimed that she had never met the footballer before.

People reports that Tuiasosopo will be featured in the documentary Sports Activities Actions, where she is revealed as a transgender girl.

Tuiasosopo spoke out about hoax

In an interview with Dr Phil McGraw, Tuiasosopo spoke out about the catfishing hoax in 2013.

According to The Guardian, Tuiasosopo had fallen in love with Te’o “deeply and romantically” sooner than their two year romance.

“I wanted it to end because after all I had been through, I finally realized that I just had to move forward with my life,” Tuiasopo said. Dr Phil McGraw was suggested by Tuiasopo.

“I had to stop trying to live and let go. Manti and Lenay broke up many times, but there was always something that would bring them together, whether it was in Lennay’s life, his life, or my life.

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