Nicki Minaj’s Supposed ‘Ex-Assistant’ Makes Wild Claims Concerning The Rapper

Nicki Minaj’s Supposed ‘Ex-Assistant’ Makes Wild Claims Concerning The Rapper

Nicki Minaj is on the front of debates on social media following an Instagram user named Kate Miller, who claimed to be her ‘ex-assistant who was her assistant,’ made some bizarre assertions regarding her.

While the person in question claims that they have worked alongside the Anaconda performer earlier than being fired, there’s no other evidence to verify this claim.

The rapper’s ongoing fight against Cardi B was one of the numerous allegations posted by the Instagram person, which caused some to revisit their fight over New York Fashion Week in the year 2018.

The Instagram account where the stories were posted has been removed.

Nicki Minaj’s “ex-assistant” has outrageous claims

The story, which consists of an array of assertions regarding Nicki was captioned as: “Nicki fired her assistant and is now telling the truth.”

The textual content in this first accountbe instructed: “I am Onika’s ex-assistant whom she fired for zero evidence of fraud on their bank account. I’m going to expose all the documents I’ve accumulated while being employed by her. Together with all the messages on the voice that she texted me about a variety of people, not only Cardi B.”

People quickly take screenshots of the stories which Kate has shared, which are being shared on Twitter.

Another article tells: “I have your tax refunds for 2021. What date will we announce to barz that you owe the IRS 173 million from 2016? Renting houses is the first choice to find Minaj’s residence. Minaj house.”

The story was later deleted and further claimed that Nicki’s husband could be with her again.

Take a look at the rapper’s fight over Cardi B’s feud with Cardi B over the name Kulture

A few fans are interested to learn more about the squabble that erupted between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, in 2018, after watching the former’s decision appear on social media, following assertions that were made by Nicki’s alleged assistant.

According to studies, Nicki and Cardi B made a purchase that led to an altercation that was heated throughout New York Fashion Week on the Harper’s Bazaar Icons Celebration.

remark|an remark|the comment} made by Nicki regarding Cardi B’s “parenting” approach to Kulture caused the controversy.

However, Nicki denied speaking about Kulture or Cardi B’s parenting. She said: “I would never talk about the parenting of anyone’s child. I’m not concerned about any parent’s style of parenting.”

On the 18th of September, Cardi B posted a long message to her Instagram regarding threatening anyone who mentioned her daughter but didn’t call out Nicki.

Rapper hasn’t reacted

HITC has been in contact with Nicki Minaj for suggestions about Kate Miller’s claims. At the day of publication of this content, she’s not responded.

The singer hasn’t responded to these allegations on any of her official social media accounts, regardless of sharing totally various posts.

Her tweet that was not shared was shared less than an hour after the preceding. The tweet simply says ” Going on.”

After two hours the previous weeped: “You know what? Ima making a kids version today! In a flash! Instead of saying he wants to be an F R EEEEE A K. Ima have an alternative version that says …”

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