Navyashree Rajkumar Takle Video Viral On Twitter, Reddit And Youtube

Navyashree Rajkumar Takle Video Viral On Twitter, Reddit And Youtube

Navyashree Rajkumar Takle Video Viral On Twitter, Reddit And Youtube:

An employee of the Belagavi department of horticulture has filed a grievance against the closing of the AMPC police station, accusing of social activist Navyashree Rao of extortion, threats to harm, and intimidation. threats. Rao is a resident of Channapatna.

A grievance was lodged in a the wake of social media posts that verified every person in a private space. It’s strange that Navyashree has allegedly declared that she was married to Rajkumar Takale in the grievance.

“My spouse is called Rajkumar,” she declared. We’re certainly married. I’ll write more on how we got we were married in the weeks to come back. I did however fall for his ploy. I’ll discuss each aspect of the conference.

Twitter goes viral with Navyashree Rajkumar Takle’s Video

Rajkumar says that in the month of December 2020, while working in Bengaluru He first met Navyashree. At Kagwad, Rajkumar had served as the personal assistant of Shrimant Patil. She described her role as an activist and was the person who founded the non-profit Navya Foundation.

He eventually became close to Jayashree. He said that Jayashree was aware of his marital status as well as three children to whom he was the sole natural father. On the 24th of December 2021, Navyashree along with her friend Tilakraj DT who lives in Channapatna was in contact with Rajkumar who was at his home in Belagavi, and demanded an amount of Rs. 50 lakh. They threatened to deliver recordings of their conversations to his spouse and different people and then exposed Rajkumar to motion pictures of their intimate conversations which led to the submission of a grievance for rape against Rajkumar.

In response to queries regarding the allegations, Navyashree stated that she was not in India during the earlier two weeks. I also stumbled across additional information about the acclaim of our motion pictures via social media. I’ve filed a complaint with the police commissioner of the city. She remarked on the fact that Navyashree did not know about the grievance. She said, “I haven’t received any messages or messages from the police. I haven’t received any calls from them until now.”

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