My school 10 lines for class 1

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My school 10 lines for class 1: For a first-grader, school is an exciting new world full of fun, learning, and adventure. It is a place where they can make new friends, explore new ideas, and discover their passions. In this article, we will explore ten things that make a school special for a class 1 student.

My school 10 lines for class 1

  1. My school is a big building with lots of classrooms.
  2. There are many students and teachers in my school.
  3. We have a playground where we can play and have fun.
  4. Our school has a library with lots of books to read.
  5. We also have a computer room where we learn about technology.
  6. We celebrate many festivals and events in our school.
  7. Our teachers are very kind and helpful.
  8. We learn many things in our school, like reading, writing, and counting.
  9. We have a school uniform that we wear every day.
  10. I love going to school because I get to learn new things and play with my friends.


In conclusion, for a class 1 student, school is more than just a place to learn. It is a place where they can have fun, make new friends, and discover new things about themselves and the world around them. From the classrooms to the playground, the library to the computer room, a school provides endless opportunities for growth and development. As a first-grader, I am grateful for my school and all the wonderful experiences it has to offer.


How to write 10 lines about my school?

To write 10 lines about my school, start by describing the physical aspects of the school, such as its size and classrooms. Then, talk about the teachers, students, and the school’s facilities like the playground, library, and computer room. Finally, highlight the fun and learning experiences you have had at the school.

What is a 10 lines essay?

A 10 lines essay is a short composition that consists of ten lines or sentences about a particular topic. It is usually a brief and concise piece of writing that can be used to express one’s thoughts, ideas or opinions on a given subject.

What I like about my school for class 1?

For class 1, I like the colorful classrooms, friendly teachers, and the fun activities we do in the playground. I also love the library, where I can read books and learn new things. My school has many interesting events and festivals, which I enjoy being a part of. Overall, I love everything about my school!

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