MultiVersus: Best Controller Settings

MultiVersus: Best Controller Settings

One of the most effective ways to enjoy enjoying MultiVersus is to use an appropriate controller, using the correct settings. The gameplay is similar to that of Smash Bros as well as Brawlhalla in a few ways. However, if you’ve not played any of those video games earlier then it is possible to get the advantages of this game playing clear. This information will allow us to examine the most straightforward controller settings for MultiVersus.

Best Controller Settings for MultiVersus

You can assign the keybinds on your controller using the settings in the recreation. Below are the steps to alter the keybinds as well as the useful controls:

  1. Select the Option or Menu button on the controller of your PlayStation or Xbox Controller.
  2. Then, click on Settings.
  3. Here, go to Controls.
  4. You should now observe two Input Presets: Default and Legacy.


While the majority of default controls are initially free and useable however, these are the full controls that you must utilize.

Neutral AttackR1RB
Neutral SpecialL1LB
Neutral EvadeR2RT
UpD-pad upD-pad up
RightD-pads are correctD-pads are correct
DownD-pad downD-pad down
LeftD-pad leftD-pad left
Taunt 1Right stick it upRight stick it up
Taunt 2Right stick rightRight stick is correct
Taunt 3Right stick to the bottomRight stick it down
Taunt 4Right stick leftRight stick left
Pick ItemL2LT
Horizontal Deadzone20%20%
Vertical Deadzone20%20%
Input Buffer Max FramesRecommendedRecommended
Double-Crouch Platform DropEnableEnable

If you don’t love all of the controls above you can also assign them to keybinds you like.

This is the most simple controller settings to use with MultiVersus. Once you’ve got your controller set up, you should look over our top characters tier list for this game. This should let you play with your character of choice. If you need help with diverse topics, read our guide on how to use Lebronunlock the characters and change your name.

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