Millie Bobby Brown Says She Is ‘Healing’ After Last Year’s Scandal Involving Hunter Ecimovic


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The world was stunned last year when TikTok star Hunter Echo, precisely establish Hunter Acimovic, claimed that he had been grooming Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown ever since she was a teenager. Ecimovic claimed that he initiated a relationship between Bobby Brown and Millie Bobby Brown at the age of 16, and that her parents were happy about it.

He replied, “Yeah. No, I groomed she,” throughout the video. Then, someone noticed that he was in a mature grownup relationship with a toddler.

Bobby Brown spoke to TMZ in her place, claiming that Echo’s claims were “dishonest” and “irresponsible”, as well as “offensive, offensive, and hateful.” Now, Bobby Brown has a present interview with Allure. She said that although they had been in a relationship for a while, she decided to end their relationship in January 2021. His video was released in July 2021.

She informed the outlet that she knew of the situation and said, “No one knew I was going through it. It was kinda nice to be able just to deal with it myself and no other people knew.” It was even more difficult when everyone knew.

The actress said that the connection was only a “blip” in her personal life and that she has since moved forward.

She reflected on her 2021 journey, saying that “it was a year full of healing.” I felt powerless and out of control when I was publicly humiliated like this. It felt very empowering to walk away knowing that I was worth everything and that this person didn’t take anything away from me. It felt like I had turned the page in my life and had ended a long, frustrating chapter.

Bobby Brown is currently in a relationship with Jon Bon Jovi’s child, Jake Bonjovi. They have been together publicly since June 2021, and appear to be happy. The actress must be honest with her younger fans that she is not an exceptional person and she hopes to still be an inspiration for young girls. “Ultimately, all that I wanted in my career was to help young girls and young persons out there know that we, too, have gone through things,” she told Allure. “I’m not a perfect person selling skin-care products, and [who] is in Stranger Things. “I have absolutely made bad decisions.”

The actress, who has risen to stardom in a few short years, decided to delete her Twitter and TikTok accounts. She also left her Instagram and Facebook content materials to her employees.

Her only online presence is her blog on Florence by Mills. She says it is the best place to express herself because “Nobody can make comments.”

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