LT Knife Stabbing In The Neck Death Video On Twitter, What Happened To Lauie Tagaloa?

LT Knife Stabbing In The Neck Death Video On Twitter, What Happened To Lauie Tagaloa?

Lauie Tagaloa (24 years old) was fatally stabbed in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley Metro station’s meals courtroom. A RIP LT video became a popular trend on social media following the incident.

Reddit and Twitter go viral with the video of Laurie Michael Tagaloa (LT), being stabbed. People are sharing their heartfelt reactions.

LT Knife Stabbing in the Neck Till Death

After a brawl brokeout at Brisbane’s Valley Metro Complex on Monday, LT aka LauieTagaloa was stabbed in the neck with a knife holder.

He was bleeding to death on the bottom of the body shortly after the stabbing.

A graphic video of Tuesday’s stabbing was shared on Twitter. Police investigated the incident and arrested a suspect.

The video shows that the knife hit a vein carrying blood to his brain or another comparable factor. The paramedics arrived much sooner and declared him dead.

Laurie started bleeding immediately and died within seconds. He was lying on his stomach in a pool full of his own blood. Although witnesses tried to save a lot of the victims by providing first aid, the scale back proved too much and the young Rapper succumbed on the spot.

After Tagaloa’s death, a lady and Tagaloa’s close relations paid tribute to him, calling him “my bro, my closest friend, and my security guard and one of my favorite people.”

It’s hard to believe that I’m writing this. This was one of the most difficult goodbyes I have ever had to give.

While many are paying tribute to the young man, others are calling for his launch due to LT being the one who chose to fight.

One Twitter client said, “L.T. deserved it because… he was the one that escalated everything as the man holding the knife was backing down. He went straight in front of him. He did it in self-defense. Release the other person.

Another added, “He didn’t deserve it but it was inevitable.” To be completely honest, I don’t blame the other person. If he’s backing up or has a weapon, leave him alone.”

However, LT did not anticipate that the dispute would end on this method. Who would ever want to see their life end at such an early age?

His soul may rest in peace in heaven.

Officers arrest Seyram Kwami Daentuh (20 years old), Birkdale.

Full Video of LT Knife Stabbing on Twitter

Witnesses on the spot captured the stabbing between Laurie Tagaloa (LT) and Seyram Kwami Djentuh (20), from Birkdale on digicam.

The footage shows three men on each side shouting at each other, while Seyram Kwami Djentuh can be seen holding a knife.

The footage was uploaded by several people to Twitter and is now called “RIP LT video”, LT stabbing videos, Fortitude Valley stabbing videos, Brisbane stabbing videos, and LT video.

The cellphone footage shows the fight that followed at 4 AM. There was shouting at one another, and then a fight involving two people.

“RIP Lt” video uploaded by “999vibezz9” to Twitter clearly shows Djentuh with a knife and trying to flee the battlefield.

Laurie and his confederate are now following him, shouting and screaming. Further, the footage shows Laurie approaching Djentuh with a knife in his hand.

Laurie Tagaloa could then be seen collapsing and falling backward. The positioning was reportedly abandoned by three men. The victim was killed by a witness who tried to save him.

The entire video can be viewed here.

What happened to Lauie Tagaloa’s life?

Laurie Tagaloa died on Monday after being stabbed in the throat at the Valley Metro station near Fortitude Valley railway station. This was following a “confrontation”.

After 1 body was found in a Brisbane meals courtroom, a 20-year-old man was charged with murder.

Seyram Kwami Dajentuh (20), of Birkdale was charged with Mr. Tagaloa’s murder Monday evening.

Tuesday morning saw Mr. Djentuh’s matter heard at Brisbane Magistrates Court.

The case was rescheduled for August 8 because he didn’t show up to search bail or attend a particular individual.

Two completely different people, 21 and 20, were arrested for aiding police in the aftermath of Mr. Tagaloa’s death. They have now been released without any charges.

Police responded to the incident with multiple witnesses. There is no evidence of gang violence.

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