Islam And Christianity Is Political, Antagonising Every Other- Oba Solomon


Islam along with Christianity is politically causing a rift with everyone else religious and political groups. Oba Solomon Islam and Christianity are politically antagonising Oba Solomon,  This is the latest news and current broadcast we’ve found to bring you the latest news following is the information :

A controversial Prophet Adelana Adekunle Solomon who is regarded to be more significant than Oba Solomon Agbaye claims that the two most revered religions of Nigeria, Islam and Christianity is a matter of politics.

Oba Solomon in one of his films has stated that pastors will state the earlier testament’s law has expired, but they’ll still use the old testament to prove that the righteous Christian must contribute tithe.

Oba Solomon discussed the Quran which claims Jesus was the child of Mary while the Bible declares Jesus is God’s son. God.

He also spoke about, God can not at any time contradict himself.

Take a look at the video below:

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