Is Chrisean Rock Pregnant & Having A Baby With Blueface?


The public was convinced that Chrisean Rock was pregnant after being shown an Instagram”photo” of her. The mystery was cleared up in the suggestion house, however.

Chrisean Rock and Blueface are continuously watched in tandem. Recent speculations regarding Blueface as well as Rock becoming father and mother are being circulated, but Blueface is expecting his second child and his former girlfriend Jaidy Alexis.

Is Chrisean Rock pregnant?

Today, Blueface and Chrisean Rock are popular on the internet. The rock star and Jaidyn Alexis who was his ex-girlfriend predict the birth of a second child. While bathing a toddler both were observed together.

In the midst of all of this, Chrisean is furthermore talked about the possibility of being a toddler. Chrisean had previously shared a photo of her being pregnant check-in in January which appeared to be positive. However, later on the post was removed.

Although the image was eliminated the image caused havoc across social media. The issue was heatedly debated and Blueface’s name was also spotted on the internet.

He later clarified his mistake and stated that the statement was false. A few people have even believed that she was pregnant. Many were misinterpreting it as a result of her photograph.

Does Chrisean Rock Having A Baby with Blueface?

Blueface as well as Chrisean Rock aren’t anticipating a baby. While they spend a lot of time together and spend time with each other, however, they haven’t ever officially expressed their affection.

They first met after Rock who was living in solitude, joined during the Blueface’s “Blue Girls Club” actuality in the present. As an active participant in the present, she got the rapper’s exact name, “Johnathan Jamall Porter,” tattooed onto her body as a symbol of her dedication to him.

She also lost a tooth during a struggle against Jaidyn Alexis, thought to be one of the rapper’s baby mothers. Rock brought trouble in toward the close of the year, and, with the assistance from the authorities along with Wack 100 who was the management of Blueface had her removed from the residence of Blueface.

The singer recently stated that even though they still connect and hang out, Rock is unreliable to be in a relationship that is committed. He stated that he needs to have a trustworthy friend, but Rock isn’t the person he wants to be that he is primarily according to Complex.

Rock quickly reaffirmed her view on the situation and said that she finds it’s hilarious that he isn’t worried about losing her. She also said that she isn’t sure what he is doing to make it appear as if he doesn’t like her.

Netizens discuss Chrisean the Rock Baby Bump Pictures

Chrisean Rock’s pregnant photos have become the subject of discussion online. The woman’s abdomen was extremely large in the present”photograph,” which makes it necessary to contemplate that she’s pregnant.

The woman was constipated as a result of her frequent intake of food, particularly according to some comments so it was expected that her stomach might have to be indicating.

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