How Did Cassandra Feuerstein Fare? Has She Been Hurt?

How Did Cassandra Feuerstein Fare

Intoxicated and driving, Cassandra Feuerstein was stopped and confined to the holding cell.

If you search for Cassandra Feuerstein on YouTube, you could even witness her attack.

How did Cassandra Feuerstein fare? Injury Report

Intoxicated driver Cassandra Feuerstein was detained and placed in a holding facility. Feuerstein left the cell after asking to speak to her husband and kids according to NBC Chicago. A digital security camera quickly detected Feuerstein being thrown headfirst into the concrete bench after the officers dragged her out of the jailhouse.

The video also shows how police treated her injuries quickly after the incident.

The face of her right was completely swelling after the injury which was evident in the video. She suffered a broken facial bone, an immense facial scratch, along with a host of various missing enamel.

The accident is said to have caused her to suffer nerve damage and required a facial reconstruction surgery procedure. According to the report of a doctor, she is suffering from expert issues along with her eyesight and enamel due to the injury.

Feuerstein can be seen conversing with an officer in surveillance footage as well as successfully. It is evident that she asks the police to identify her husband and her children.

After a short time, Feuerstein is heard calling out from behind bars. officer Michael Hart is seen stopping her from going back into the prison cell. The woman lands on the cement head-on after the incident. The final video shows two policemen while she is bleeding on her underside.

Facebook has removed the video that protected Feuerstein’s arrest. But, there are some discussions on Twitter that may be connected with the incident.

Cassandra Feuerstein: Who Is She? Bio of Wikipedia

Cassandra attracted a lot of interest from the public in the year 2015. She is from Chicago and until two years ago she, along with Torreya Hamilton’s attorney, who is her representative, showed evidence of police surveillance.

Cassandra appears in the video as she slams her head against the bench, before falling onto the floor.

Michael Hart was the cop who forced Cassandra into the cell of the jail.

A woman who was violently shoved into the cell of an officer of the police in March 2013. This caused her to fall forward and then hit her head against a concrete bench.

The strike allegedly fractured the bone on her face and knocked her enamel out as per the evidence presented by the prosecution.

The correct orbital bone of Feuerstein was fractured the enamel of her cheek was removed and she or he was afflicted with a massive scale to her cheek. Following the attack on her cheek, the West Rogers Park sufferer wished for reconstructive surgery and the placement of a titanium plate on her cheek.

Feuerstein admitted to driving drunk in court and was sentenced to one year of probation, as per courtroom papers.

How Old Is Cassandra Feuerstein, Exactly?

57-year-old Cassandra Feuerstein lives in Chicago, Illinois.

The suspect had been in jail at Skokie Police Department. Skokie Police Department for working in a vehicle while impaired or under the influence of narcotics. The suspect later claimed that, when she was detained following her DUI arrest she was abused.

Cassandra’s location of residence is not known until 2022. But images of her injuries is still being circulated on the web.

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